5 thoughts on “Why You Should NOT Join The Military

  1. And once your done serving your government , they will shit on you , disarm you as a citizen and call you a threat to others , sign up for that abuse at your own risk .. I respect the nobility that most serve for , problem is it’s all a lie just like everything else coming out of DC
    I don’t have any problems with anyone that serves or has served , my problem is with the lies they are told and the brainwashing they receive , from TPTB , and that agenda , it’s no wonder this country and it’s citizens are hated around the world , we have become the world bullies and our soldiers are USED for that purpose , and the purpose of resource wars.
    Instead of these foreign countries hating our government , they hate us citizens , and it seems we will end up being the ones feeling the paybacks when they come

    1. Better yet, what if they didn’t have a chance to start a war and everyone came….to arrest and hang the bastards for sedition and high treason?

        1. What an overall smart conversation.Why don’t we quit killing each other and start putting the powers that be into zoos that they be analyzed and pacified rather than killing each other for resources.In any case we should cease to kill each other for the powers that be.Let ’em fight their own wars.I might even join then just to kill them.Nah.

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