8 thoughts on “Antichrist Heckler Rips Obama

  1. It’ freaking morons like this that make true (and awake) Christians look bad.

    I call paid shill on this one.

    1. Solely due to the fact that he’s claiming Obummer is the Antichrist.

      Anyone with half a brain can see that just isn’t feasible.

      Or possible.

      1. Missed what the well dressed man was saying – he was drowned out by the crowd of America haters chanting ‘Ø B A M A’

          1. They’ll fight each other for window seats on the bus.

            And NOT for the purpose of escaping.

  2. Absolutely Staged or cut and edited to look loke ot was directed at the puppet in chief…

    The second that guy said “you will be destroyed” he would have been tackled…
    Totally fake and or totally staged.

  3. Complete theatrical propaganda. You just have to watch how the Sheriffs gently take the guy away. It reminds me of old fatso at a protest in Austin or Dallas where he was handled the same way as they gently removed him from some protest. Although fatso couldn’t stop smiling as they took him away. At least this guy keeps an angry face as they remove him. Think about it. If this were a real heckler that yells at the President repeatedly “you will be destroyed” the SS would have been there instantly and far more forceful in removing him. Not the Sheriffs dept. slowly moving in and gently removing him.

    Watch the video that focuses on Barry, Barack, Hussein, Soetoro, Obama, Soebarkah’s reaction to the words. When he hears Jesus Christ he shows genuine anger. While he is not The antichrist. He is anti Christ without a doubt.

    Watch at the end he crosses one arm and then scratches the other with it while explaining that he’s met the man a couple years ago, and the heckler had the same line.

    As body language goes the crossed arm and scratching is definitely covering up and nervousness. Now is it because he just admitted to knowing the man heckling and regretting admitting it? Or possibly because the same line being that “God almighty Jesus Christ created Heaven and the Universe, Jesus Christ created Heaven and the Universe” made him nervous when he remembered it? Possibly both?

    At the very least I find it at ironic that Barry crosses his arms after hearing about Jesus Christ.

  4. This is so staged. Just look at the guy. The video itself looks edited and so on. It’s almost comical. This is to discredit the religious people and patriots and make them seem like crazy people. More Communist propaganda. Just my opinion.

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