Obama to FLY Illegals to US…’Over the Heads’ of Patriots At the Border

Published on Jul 27, 2014 by DAHBOO77

The ongoing border crisis was created by President Obama’s lax immigration policies, and deliberately brought about to be used as leverage for a Democrat attempt at amnesty.

But Obama’s plan “threatens the foundation of our Constitutional Republic“, and the vast majority of Americans are letting it be known that they do not support amnesty.

The scene on the border has become almost surreal, as tens of thousands of illegal immigrants flood across, day by day, providing cover for the cartels to conduct their criminal activity.


6 thoughts on “Obama to FLY Illegals to US…’Over the Heads’ of Patriots At the Border

  1. Well………

    There HAVE been an inordinate number of plane crashes lately…

    jus’ sayin’.

    1. Yes #1, however, most planes don’t have the leading microchip experts on board or, let’s say, the World’s leading AIDS researchers. Who benefits?

  2. After the revolution and after America recoups enough to form a constitutional government, I recommend a constitutional amendment be adopted that commits the US government to track down, arrest and punish every congressman, senator and government official who participated in or did not challenge treasonous activities like the illegal invasion of America.

    1. So your saying all of them, correct?

      including all the high ranking military and every 3 letter agency

  3. How long are we going to stand for this blatantly treasonous activity from our own leaders? Are they deliberately trying to provoke violence with these acts? The question is rhetorical, because the answer is obvious.

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