6 thoughts on “AntiFa Attack Proud Boys At University Of Washington Free Speech Rally And Lose Yet Again

  1. I seriously don’t know which group of useful idiots is more brainwashed, but it’s safe to say both. I wonder if all the chemtrails they were breathing in made them more belligerent and combative? Pushing statism and pushing communism is the same thing, as the occupying enemy govt IS communist, so they truly don’t know they are already on the SAME side!

    The mcinnes character who created this “proud boys” thing has been clamoring for attention for decades and his choice of uniform for their group is telling. Fred Perry tennis shirts have been a fashion for skinheads (ALL skinheads, not just nazis. The original skinheads were mostly negro dock workers showing solidarity, and the “boneheads” got created to muddy the water) for decades. The haircut is clearly a 1938 classic, so the ability to tag them as “nazi” is completely credible.

    1. Yeah, so true. It’s the polarity two-step and I’ve a vision of Sorors, sittin’ back in his rocker caressing his chin as he watches this show.

      Some say both sides are C.I.A infused. And McInness and his “proud boys” wear the banner of nationalism. This, while he does disgraceful acts on camera, acts I’m too embarrassed to say what. And the weird part is he’s Canadian. Something fishy there.


      1. Canadian AND U.K. born?! Yes, I have no question, galen, that BOTH are alphabet soup creations. Same as it ever was.

        1. He is also cofounder of vice media which has a very long history of disinformation and agenda. Btw vice is owned by disney sooo, yeah, there’s not much to believe in it being genuine. He’s the hipster aj.

  2. William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

  3. Wow, dark words from Casey. And that’s quite a clip, Jim. Such layered deception. I just wonder how those guys exist among each other. How could there be anyone to trust, or anyone who is not suspect? Agents and double/triple agents. Must be much psychosis there and many sleepless nights.


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