One thought on “Antifa squatting

  1. Squatter’s rights are deemed more important than owner’s rights, in this upside down bassakwards world of today.
    I’ve a friend who allowed a woman to bunk at his place till? Trouble was, once she had her stuff in his house, she could stay, “legally”, until 6 months had passed. That is the law as stated to him by the local policeperson. It told him that as long as her belongings were inside the dwelling, she had squatters rights. Put those belongings outside and the problem is solved.
    I doubt that particular scenario would play out here, as those squatters know better than to abandon the squat, this dumb broad my friend let in wasn’t so wise.
    I nearly feel it important to keep at least one body in place so squatters do not have an opportunity. I am a very long walk from big city homeless, but they do get around.

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