Are Russian Dome Antennas in US a Threat to National Security?

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In this modern-day, it is sometimes easy to forget that the global community is still at odds with itself. An example of this is the fact that the history books state that the Cold War is over, but yet the U.S. and Russia are still quite weary of each other and for good reasons.

It was not that long ago, 2010, when the FBI released that Operation Ghost Stories resulted in the arrests of 10 deep-cover Russian spies.  

Additionally, the Russian government has been fairly vocal about ramping up it surveillance technologies programs.

It is these reasons, along with others, that the CIA became weary of the Russian proposal to the U.S. State Department to place dome antennas on American soil an an effort to improve the Russian GPS system.

Placing Monitoring Stations on American Soil

U.S. State Department officials have been in negotiations with Russian officials to discuss the placement of Russian GLONASS monitoring stations on American soil. According to the Russians, these monitoring stations would be used “only to ensure calibration and precision of signals for the Glonass system”.

The GLONASS, or the Globalnaya NAvigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya System, is the Russian alternative to the American GPS system. The system is a satellite system that is operated by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces. Though it is the only real alternative to the GPS system, it is nowhere near as accurate. Because of this inaccuracy, Russia is hoping to place several of these dome antennas throughout the U.S. territory.


What Is the True Purpose of the Antennas?

However, the CIA is not totally sold on the idea that the antennas would only be used for calibrating GLONASS. They feel that allowing the implementation of such devices could pose a threat to the U.S. on several fronts. The largest concern is that the antennas could be used to help triangulate exact positions that could be used in weapons targeting systems for Russian missiles.

With such a liability at stake, one has to wonder why the State Department would even entertain such an idea. For the State Department, allowing the Russians to build these antennas on American soil would be a way to extend an olive branch to the Russians.

The State Department contends that allowing the Russian antennas into the country (which would beef up their GPS system) would help to patch up an already strained political relationship between the two countries. U.S/Russia relations have been strained for some time for a variety of reasons; however, one of the more recent strains have been the Russian stance on Edward Snowden.

Moreover, the Russian media, which is controlled by the Russian government, criticized the U. S’s stance on anti-missile systems in Europe and Georgia in 2008. Yet, it seems that there is much more that the State Department should take into consideration prior to allowing the devices on American soil.

The FBI bust on the Russian spring is just one example that the Russians are actively attempting to spy on the country and its leaders. Additionally, it has been noted that clandestine activities, while Putin has been in office, has reached Cold War levels. Taking just this little bit of information, one has to wonder if the State Department is extending a lot more than just an olive branch to the Russians. If these antennas are approved, we would actually open a whole lot more to the Russians.

No final decisions have been made, to date on the idea of placing Russian GLONASS systems on American soil. However, if we take U.S./Russian relations (past and present) into consideration, then it is pretty obvious that American leaders should err on the side of caution and deny this request.

Note: There are no American GPS antennas located in Russia.

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