Are we being poisoned?

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From our perspective we don’t believe this really is a question, what do you think?

Have you ever taken your time to actually read the ingredients in your products… we are not referring to scanning across them, but actually checking every single word in a dictionary or Wikipedia for example? Have you ever gone further and then taken some of these components to see how they are made or even by whom etc…

When we first really realised the severity of this and the mind-blowing and not to say perverse magnitude this is at… We felt like, throwing up, stop eating and drinking all together, giving up and we lost all faith and trust in everything we are to eat, drink or use. Going in a shopping centre suddenly felt like going to choose you coffin and as we are at it… even stand in queue to be executed.

Once you start taking an in depth view of this and what exactly daily usage items like Teflon (PFOA and PTFE), PET (PETE) and Tin cans or common food additives such as aspartame, high-fructose syrup and fluoride, GM foods (GMO) in general or then common products such as air-fresheners, cleaners, disinfectants, insecticides, pesticides, shower gel and beauty products all the way to machines like Microwaves, X-Rays and mobile phones are made of, not to mention their origins stemming from the most anti-survival organisations that exist…

It’s shocking! To think how they have developed, produced and commercialised all this right in front of us and it being induced into everyone’s life by simply forgetting the “Oh, by the way…” aspect of it all. We have more detail on some of these within our need to know topics… However, to summarise this, we would actually like to ask you a couple of simple questions instead of making a statement;

1. Would you employ and pay a babysitter with official acquired credentials, who followed a special child education training and is certified in child education and behaviours, IF you were also told that that person, in the past used to be a known child abuser and as part of a completely separate activity, nothing to do with their “Nanny Organisation”, founded a group that studies the child’s mind in order to manipulate it to serve as a slave?

2. Would you consume and buy tomatoes that were grown on a field close to where you live by a farmer, IF you were also told that that farmer happens to be the inventor of the most effective rodent poison and most effective (lethal) pesticide as well as the inventor of tomato seeds, that already contain these strains of poison and toxins in its DNA, in order to not have to spray and protect the tomatoes any more?

3. Would you buy and use storage containers made for your food, liquids and objects, IF you were also told that the company developing and producing these, happens to be the company that produces all the decomposable coffins for the government (in case of disaster), runs a side business of developing bio/chemical and traditional weapons for wars, funded by whatever country paid the most, regardless of their motives, oh and they test these weapons for efficiency every now and then, in poorer countries?

Let’s move on… Cyanide, Hemlock, Arsenic, Botulinum… If we were now to tell you that some very small amounts of these have virtually no effect on you and that in trace amounts may actually not harm you… Would you be willing to take any of these, in such a minuscule trace amount on a daily bases voluntarily?

For us, as also mentioned on some of the other need to know topics, there is no half’s or in-between’s in regards to poisons and toxins, either something IS or is NOT toxic or poisonous. We would say it’s more than just ignorance to say; “yeah, but in small amounts it’s harmless…”Think about the long term accumulation and repetitive exposure for a minute.

Randall Fitzgerald, the author of “The Hundred-Year Lie: How Food and Medicine are Destroying Your Health”, actually stated this beautifully in an interview with Natural News (Link to original interview, click here) and much more of course! I strongly suggest reading his book! It may shock you… But it’s better to know this than staying in the dark about it! Here is an extract from the interview:

Fitzgerald: There are two big — and by big I mean monumental – problems with the argument and the perspective taken by federal regulatory agencies and by the manufacturers of foods and medicines. The argument is that trace levels of these chemicals do no harm to human health. What that argument ignores is the cumulative effect of hundreds, if not thousands, of these chemicals entering and then mixing within the human body. This is known as the “body burden.” We each carry a “body burden” of these synthetic chemicals.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, starting in 1999, began testing the blood of thousands of Americans to determine what synthetic chemicals are being carried in their blood, their body fat and their body organs. The results of these tests — more than 10,000 people have been tested so far — is that every single person tested was found to carry hundreds of these synthetic chemicals. The problem here is that our bodies do not recognize these synthetic chemicals, most of which have been invented, patented and produced since World War II. Our livers, which are the main detoxifying organs of our bodies, do not recognize these synthetic chemicals, and as a result, do not metabolize them. Instead, the chemicals are either pushed off into the far reaches of the liver, to be stored, or sent into body fat and body organs to be stored. As these toxins accumulate, they begin to interact with each other. This is where the problem — that regulatory agencies and manufactures want to overlook — becomes a health disaster for us.

That is the problem of synergies; the synergistic reactions of two or more chemicals in the body. When they interact, it is much more powerful than any one individual chemical can do on its own. It may be true — manufacturers and regulatory agencies insist that it is true — that these chemicals, in trace amounts on their own, may be harmless to human health. I have a question about that, but I don’t really deal with that in-depth in the book. Instead I look at what happens when all of these chemicals accumulate in the human body and they interact with each other to create toxic synergies. This, I believe, is the key to the explosion in human illness and disease levels that we have seen since World War II.

Just to top this all of, how do you feel if we were now to tell you that as per the current ingredient guidelines there is still no requirement for companies to list various chemical contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals and other substances that have a direct impact on your health. Also, foods containing 0.5 grams or less of trans fatty acids per “serving” is allowed to claim it as ZERO. This would really be fine, if it wasn’t for the rule that the companies are allowed to define the serving size… So it doesn’t take a maths genius to turn 5 grams in total, divide it by 10 servings, leaving 0.5 grams per serving and the product now magically has ZERO trans fats on the label… This doesn’t just apply to trans fats, there is a whole list of things that can be set to ZERO, you just need to go and look at the official FDA site (click here).

Not enough? Did you know that there is a difference between “100% Organic” and “Organic”. The difference is that you are allowed to call something “Organic” if it contains less than 5% non-organic ingredients. There are many, many more tricks and methods to get around ingredients or simple ways on how to fool even the well-educated on this subject… You can learn about this all very fast, just search the Internet if you’re hungry.

What to do with all this horror?! 

If you now feel de-motivated or overwhelmed… DON’T!!! It’s not all that bad! And there is plenty of good and honest companies out there that are producing SUPER food, as we now call them! There is always the organic route (which we take, wherever and whenever we can), 95% is still a lot better than nothing and the likelihood of less contaminant is very high. Also, this doesn’t really mean you can never have one of them lovely gummy bears again, just less… a lot less and try the organic ones at least.

Work to do the best wherever you can and use / support the least amount of non-organics! Support your body with good water (distilled water) and NATURAL vitamins! It’s NOT all bad, there are many people like us and yourself out there that still care, create and produce GOOD products, machines and SUPER foods!

Also, always remember that the “Evil Elites”, so to say, that are doing this ONLY represent about 2% of us all… so, if 98% say “STOP” or just STOP CONSUMING, they would have no choice! Don’t give them a choice!


21 thoughts on “Are we being poisoned?

  1. Good article. Mind you, I take cyanide-forming vitamin B17 every day as a cancer preventative and actually enjoy it, and experience health benefits from it. I use 10 Himalayan bitter apricot kernels a day, which contain a compound that forms hydrogen cyanide when it touches any cancerous cell, killing it, and find them to give me a feeling of well-being, as well as being mildly relaxing, using them as a safeguard against the proliferation of cancer cells, which we all make thousands of in our bodies every day.

    I have experimented with up to 200 at one go, to get a better idea of possible toxic effects, and the only thing they did was to make my heart beat a little faster and to make me need to draw breath more frequently. No one has ever died from eating this compound in bitter apricot kernels by the way, but I guess there would be a limit for that, especially if one has any defect in the heart or lungs .

    The way cyanide kills if one were to take a really massive dose, is to stop haemoglobin in the blood binding with oxygen when blood passes through the alveoli in the lungs, stopping the formation of oxyhaemoglobin.

    1. Mothman777: I’ve also been eating apricot kernels for a few years now. The only people I personally know who also know about them are those that I’ve told. My biggest fear used to be dying from cancer, after losing my mother and a sister to it, but this is no longer true.

      Here is an article I wrote last summer on this very subject that you may find interesting. It also explains why I post under the name that I do.

      1. # 1 NWO Hatr

        Thanks for your reply and for the article link, which I found very interesting.

        I was given cancer by a doctor who tricked me into having a CT scan, even after I refused one after stating I was worried about getting cancer from one, to check for kidney stones, even though I had already been diagnosed safely through ultrasound at another hospital, which he refused to check to corroborate their findings that way.

        I have read that cancer is caused in at least 1 in every 80 people receiving a CT scan, rather than one in every 20,000 people, as they fake the maths.

        After I had the X-Rays, I developed numerous tumours within two months, one blocking my left nostril painfully and growing rapidly, with others on other parts of my body. I removed the one in my nostril by poking it out, and it was a delicate shade of mauve with a creamy brown outer layer, with four long blood vessels attached, when I cut it open with a razor blade it was very compact.

        The last I got rid of using He Shou Wou, a Chinese herb that strengthens kidney chi, which is good for removing tumours, and also contains two anti-tumour compounds. It costs £20 for 500 grams of whole or sliced roots, which you can grind down to powder. Buy the whole roots or the slices, as powders can be adulterated. I used 5 grams a day to achieve that effect. Too much may be hard on the liver.

        I removed several by self-surgery, carefully avoiding nerves, ligaments and tendons, using a hobbies drill and stone bit to ground them down after slicing open the flesh with a razor blade, avoiding the huge surgical cuts my doctor said would have to be used if surgeons were to have operated instead; the last one I had was too close to nerves and ligaments to operate, even for a hospital surgeon I was told by my doctor, without strong likelihood of permanent nerve damage, and although I was eating apricot kernels at the time after I began to suffer tumours, the he shou wou made the last one disappear very quickly, vanishing completely within just one month of my starting to use it, which was remarkable. I stopped using he shou wou, a sort of chrysanthemum bulb I think, ground down into powder using a coffee grinder, and simmered for 20 minutes in distilled water, to produce a very pleasant tea, a few weeks after the tumour went, and none of them have come back. I still take the apricot kernels though, and would never ever even ask a doctor for treatment for cancer as I have several books on alternative treatments. CT scans can cause many other long-term and very unpleasant health problems, so it is always best to opt for ultrasound. For instance I suffered two very painful frozen shoulders, and almost constant hiccups for 18 month or so, as well as difficulty swallowing food, through chronic inflammation caused in the tissues that were irradiated.

        I know the hiccups and swelling problem sounds weird, but it is a recognized side effect of X-ray CT scans. Even today, several years later, I suffer extremely painful blockages in my throat and oesophagus when trying to swallow food quite often, though they were constant in the first 18 months after the CT scan, with hiccups every time I ate too.

        The doctor’s name that did this to me was Jewish by the way, and all the other doctors said that it was impossible for a doctor to have used a CT scan to diagnose for a kidney stone, and I had told him about ‘100,000 Radiations’ by Barry Chamish as a reason why I did not want an CT scan, he said he had read that too, and then the bastard did this to me. Well, you know what Jewish doctors are like, as they were instructed to shorten the lives of Gentile patients whenever they treat them, rather than actually help them. Hence the cancer and chemo, as your family very sadly found out also. Whilst there are some very sincere and competent doctors and excellent and sincere surgeons, there are many maniacs in the medical profession which is top-heavy with Jews, who can be very insincere and lethally malicious. After all, they were instructed centuries ago, before sneaking back into various countries that they had been banned from as Jews, whilst posing as Christian converts, to gain positions as doctors so as to have the ability to shorten the lives of Gentile patients. I have experienced several other quite serious attempts at serious bodily harm, and even serious attempts at murder by doctors on other occasions, but of course, one only sounds like one is simply raving when the sheeple read words like these.

        By the way, I found a way to remove kidney stones without surgery or lithotripsy, using calcium disodium EDTA, as they dissolve down to small enough in a very short period to pass safely and painlessly. I got a 1cm x 7mm stone to pass in two weeks using EDTA, avoiding the risk of kidney damage from either the stone or from lithotripsy, passing a 7 mm by 3.5 mm stone out painlessly into a sieve after the EDTA rapidly reduced it in size, and I would recommend everyone to keep EDTA handy for that problem, as it is one of the worst pains possible, and without treatment can be fatal, also it costs £7,000 to have lithotripsy, and £7,000 for a CT scan, so it is great to save on those costs too.

        1. mothman777; it sounds as if you’ve been put through the mill (medically). Fortunately for myself, about 15 years ago, I was introduced to an outstanding health product which I believe has been instrumental in my continued good health ever since – MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane). About 4 years or so before that, I was rear-ended sitting at a red light, which resulted in a very serious case of whiplash. A friend of mine turned me on to his ‘feel-good’ doctor, who, for the price of an office visit ($60), would write me a prescription for 100 Vicodins (750 mg) a month. The pain was so excruciating that I would take them first thing in the morning, and just sit down until they kicked in.
          Then a friend of mine gave me a bottle of 100 (500 mg) MSM capsules (it had only hit the marketplace a couple of months earlier), and after taking four a day for a week, it completely healed that nerve damage, and I’ve never had that pain since.
          It is a natural product, and is found in all plant and animal life on the planet. The problem is that our foods are so processed nowadays, that most of it is removed due to the processing. It is a free-radical scavenger that flushes all toxins from the system. Amazing product.
          One of my fortes’ in researching the NWO has been discovering the ways that they’re trying to kill us (surreptitiously, of course), and then finding ways to counteract them.
          For example, take chemtrails.(I wrote an article on those, also) The main ingredient in the majority of them is aluminum, (followed by barium and strontium) which is the # 1 cause of Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease, both of which have skyrocketed in So. Cal.(and elsewhere as well) in the last decade or so. To flush aluminum from the system, take 1500 mg of calcium, and 750 mg of magnesium a day. The barium and strontium I leave to the MSM to flush.
          Also, since Fukushima, I’ve been taking 600 mg of alpha lipoic acid every day. there is a video with Dr. Russell Blaylock on it titled “Radiation Solutions”, where he explains how the Russians gave large doses of alpha lipoic acid to teenagers and younger children after Chernoble, and it returned their radiation levels to normal, and in some cases even below normal. I do not fear radiation poisoning any longer, nor cancer due to it (apricot kernels).

          It sounds as if you live in the U.K., judging from the prices you quoted for medical procedures. I had the pleasure of vacationing there in ’06 – Ireland (Euro, though, not Pound Sterling), Wales, Scotland and England. I had always wanted to see Ireland ever since seeing the John Wayne movie “The Quiet Man” (my favorite of his) as a teenager, which was filmed entirely in Ireland. I figured as long as I was flying all that distance, I may as well see as much as I possibly could. The highlight of the trip was seeing Stonehenge, something else I had always been fascinated with.
          Hope this information can be of some help to you.

          1. # 1 NWO Hatr
            Hi and thanks for your reply. I know about MSM and occasionally buy a 1lb tub of the powder, though it is so bitter that it puts me off using it regularly. Another good supplement to have is DMSO, or Dimethylsulphoxide, as that kills cancer cells, and passes the blood brain barrier, and if you have a stroke, which 15% of us will have, or suffer any head injuries, then taking DMSO within 90 minutes or so prevents any brain damage and the associated hemiplegia that often results. Even if someone has had a stroke years ago, some people have still regained use of their arms or legs after starting to use DMSO.

            It tastes a little like vodka with a touch of turps, and has a curious exothermic reaction with water, so that when it hits the back of your throat, you get a sudden unexpected flush of gentle heat, a bit like alcohol. There is a lot of DMSO around and to ensure I use the best, that is definitely non-industrial, I get mine from Jacob’s Laboratories, made by the guy who discovered it’s medicinal values, and it is a very good product. You can mix it with orange juice and knock it straight back to neutralize the taste.

            Regarding cancer and Chernobyl, doctors there were able to save hundreds of children’s lives just by giving them either 5 grams or 15 grams of spirulina a day, (I forget which amount). Just thinking it is really packed with natural iodine, so that will have something to do with it helping to resist radioactive particles taking up residence in the body. It is all good stuff to have in the home medical kit. One has to be careful with too much iodine though, as it can really keep you awake at night, so not very comfortable at all to overdo it, as I have found out wolfing down loads of kelp tablets in the past.

            Regarding calcium supplements, you would be best off getting that from eggs possibly (not scrambled, as the cholesterol, which is actually very good, even vital for you, becomes oxidized, and then harmful to your arteries), or raw milk. Pill form calcium has been associated with build-up of deposits of calcium in the arteries, which is not good, check out Dr Mercola and Mike Adams on that.

            For clearing the arteries out, also check out the excellent free online book by Dr Matthias Rath; “Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks But Humans Do”- he says 500mg a day minimum of Vit C strips 50% of all atherosclerotic deposits in three years, combined with one or two other cheap minerals and vitamins.

            Thanks for all the info, as I am always building up my medical knowledge.

            You might enjoy reading my essay on making colloidal silver at ‘Mothman777’s Blog’, as I show how to make it the the best way possible, using a thermoregulator to maintain precise temperature so as to be able to calibrate equipment to always put out a certain ppm value, and also, such equipment as I show how to use can also be calibrated to produce silver sol particles of a specific nanometer size, that are effective on specific bacteria.

            This is important, as when particles are too big, they have no effect on certain pathogens, so once the range of effective particle size is known for a particular germ, the correct size can then be made on a repeatable basis. It is not too technical, yet a significant advance on many other methods. Though nonetheless, even the simplest silver sol making devices are extremely effective in many ways. Mine would be more suitable for a hospital environment where specific particle sizes are demanded in critical situations when serious diseases are present and time is limited.

          2. mothman777: Actually, MSM was discovered through research on DMSO, (which was being studied for its effects on arthritis) and was found to be the main beneficial ingredient in it.
            As to calcium, I only buy mine from the same company I get my MSM from. Man-made calcium is worthless, as the body is only able to utilize approximately 15 – 20% ingested. The calcium I take is 100% natural, as it is coral calcium, from the coral reefs in Okinawa. (radiation concerns now, but I’ve already addressed that problem). The body breaks down and utilizes nearly 100% of the coral calcium.
            As to the colloidal silver, I’ve read very good things about it, but I’m in such good health now, and coupled with the certainty that the SHTF scenario will definitely occur before the end of this year, I feel it to be extraneous at this point. But thank you for the information, just the same.

          3. I have been using DMSO for many yr.s for my degenerative bone disease and it helps. I have never known of the other benefits of it – I thankyou #1 and Mothman777……….P.S. Actually, I used that DMSO back in the 60`s and early 70`s for a transdermal drug delivery system and then in the late 70`s – early 80`s up to this day I use it straight up as pure DMSO for my arthritis. Again thanks for the heads up on this you guys!!!

  2. For any one living in the UK, I’m not sure the rules about ‘organic’ and ‘100% organic’ are the same? However, we use a company called Abel&Cole who deliver fresh organic produce to our door. It is more expensive than going to Tescos, but then if you order your produce online, you’re a lot less tempted to impulse-buy all the pre-made, pre-packaged junk food readily available on supermarket shelves. That’s where a lot of your money goes. So buy less, buy organic and save money! Happy days 🙂

  3. You say to “drink distilled water”… That is very wrong. It has been shown that distilled water will leach chemicals out of the body by a natural chemical process.. Please research this thoroughly.

    You should drink water with minerals but which does not contain chlorine of fluorides or test your tap water to make sure it does not contain them or other toxic elements or compounds. Or use an adequate filter to take them out as well as heavy metals.

    Also it would help if you put the Post Comment link AFTER the Security Question as sometimes one clicks the link because the Security Question is not visible as not enough scrolling has been done…

    Regards. Manuel

    1. Hi Manuel, simply highlight ‘Mothman777’s Blog’ and click on search Google search to get there. I don’t think there is a link as such to get there.

      I am puzzled by your comment about distilled water, that it will ‘leach chemicals out of the body by a natural chemical process’. Can you provide any well-researched links to prove that please?

      I have been drinking it for about 15 years now, and I know others who have been drinking it for far longer without problems. Presently I use it mostly for making Kombucha. I have read people before claiming that calcium and other minerals are drawn out from the bones by distilled water, but they have never provided any evidence, however It will draw out calcium deposits on nerve endings that have been causing neuralgia, according to Alexander Graham Bell, who used to drink it and found great relief from nerve pains through drinking distilled water.

      I usually consume distilled water after a meal, or drink some after drinking fruit juice to prevent acid dissolving my tooth enamel, or drink it after having raw milk, or even use it to make herbal tea with, so I don’t think it is really going to cause the problem you state, as there are minerals in the food with it in the stomach, and that being the case, if it draws them out, it may well help the digestion and bioabsorption process.

      1. Sir have you experimented any with Liposomal Vit. C?
        I have been using it along with magnesium and Col. Silver for a while now….internally and topically as anti-bacterial anti-parasitic anti-carcinogenic and topical local disinfectant.
        I also use the Coll. Silver solution in drinking water for for the Farm animals. Have found it does work extremely well for parasites and worms in Canine and felines. Also works very well on respiratory ailments on My flock birds,..(chickens and domestic turkeys).
        We also learned that .999 silver immersed in raw milk retards spoilage far longer than just refrigeration alone.
        Here is a little praise report on the Colloidal silver.
        Last spring while working on a mechanical project here at home, I managed to stab myself in the eyeball with a large screwdriver.
        At the emergency room the Doctor stated I had pierced the fluid sack and would most probably lose the eye either to total deflating leakage or bacterial infection. They applied a bandage and eye patch and wanted me back in 3 days to an eye surgeon..
        I was scared id lose the eye for sure and the Doctor said it was a 75 to 80% likelihood I would.

        Starting that evening I was supposed to put some drops in the eye every two hours to keep it lubed up. Well after the first 3 times of putting the liquid fire into my damaged eye I decided to use the Coll. silver….I had nothing to lose…..the first set of drops was painful very painful. After that each set of drops become more and more soothing and by Tuesday morning at the eye doctor, my eye had improved to the point where the gouge and rip had closed entirely and my eye Looked amazingly good according to him . But He suggested I quit the silver drops and use his meds..said my “treatment” was no better than home witch doctor remedies and I was very lucky that my eye was infected.
        I got up and left and and threw his prescription in the trash and continued to use the silver water for the next 3 weeks……
        My eye site has returned to almost normal today and there is hardly even a scar to be seen. I feel the Silver water saved my eye as opposed to the bad prognosis the Doctor gave me with his treatment. All his treatment was going to do was to keep any infection from spreading…he was already resigned to me losing the eye and as much as said so.

        A good high pontency source I found for Calcium is raw organic Kale… it fresh uncooked or just lightly braised with a little coconut oil. Dont cook any longer than a few moments as it breaks down the cell walls and loses much of the nutrients. Its a Natural super food as Mike Adams calls it.

        1. Hey there oldvet. I have used a herbal called eyebright – also known as creeping charlie, I am sure you know about that pesty weed with blue flowers – it works good for eye and liver prob.s. Just thought I would say that about a good medicinal herb that grows all over the place.

          1. Thanx Digger!! Didnt know about creepin charlie for the liver!!
            I will have to try that… some natural herb remidies

          2. @ oldvet at 10:08pm.Check out some references on eyebright. A real good place to buy herbals is AmeriHerb, out of Ames, Iowa , Ph. # is 1-800-267-6141- and they got the best prices and best quality that I have found for the money. They were going to be my wholesalers for my business back in the 80`s that my ex screwed up. I have done business with these guys now for about 25 years or more now. they are good people to do business with. Call them and ask them to send you a catalog. Again you guys, AmeriHerb is a great place to do business with. If ya`ll do business with them guys, please let me know !! I swear by them.

        2. @oldvet

          Thanks for that. I have not tried the Liposomal vit C yet, but I am watching the YouTube video on how to make it. ‘How to Make Liposomal Vitamin C At Home’

          This chap Arthur Doerksen says one gram does the same as 7 or 8 grams of IV vit Cit , so this would be a marvelous thing for cancer sufferers to save them going through the uncomfortable hassle of injecting the vit C, so many thanks again for that.

          You were right to throw the doc’s eye medicine away. Antibiotic eye medicine often has fusidic acid in which can cause permanent damage to the eyes, and one of my eyes became permanently blurred after using it after my doctor prescribed it to treat conjunctivitis, before I heard of colloidal silver, which of course does no harm to the body and will clear conjunctivitis up in 24 hours or so. I am very pleased that you saved your eyesight, and no doubt, the colloidal silver will have speeded up tissue regeneration to help that, with the minimum of scarring.

  4. One for Mothman 777 and HWO hatr.

    I take it you may have visited Researching MSM and DMSO in that site you may find a link to where David Gregg explains a lot on DMSO and MSM as fighting cancer cells.

    I also use Colloidal Silver combined with DMSO at 50% for topical and subcutaneous problems.. It will probably hit a superficial cancer very successfully. You may try also Vitamin C with DMSO for topical applications as it will take it inside the skin easily.. for other internal uses I use 10 or 20% DMSO with CS and with enemas of that I cured completely my internal hemorrhoids by using it after each bowel movement with a small enema of about 50 cc each time. As the enema applicators are made of rubber very thorough rinsing is necessary as DMSO remaining there for over a couple of minutes may dissolve the rubber. In my case it did not happen.

    Mothman, can you give me a direct link to your blog? I goggled it and got no result.

    For cancer google Tony Isaacs and Dandelion Root and also Oleander

  5. Hi Mothman
    I do not have direct evidence on that but many trusted sources like cancertutor have been repeating that about distilled water.. Chemically any fluid that does not have minerals will acquire them if the contiguous fluids do have them.. Body is water and distilled water will tend to absorb the minerals from the other water which has them. Sounds “sound” so I adopted it..

    However your practice is also worth listening to.. Maybe drinking part and part will work, as if it leaches some minerals it will also leach bad stuff that is floating around?

    I saw your blog on Israel and to support it I have about 60 quote from the Zionists themselves which confirm their disdain for anything but themselves. If you post your e-mail I would be glad to send them.

    1. As regards the distilled water info, I have read that distilled water will only strip minerals that are not supposed to be in the body, and leave all biologically bound minerals in the body. I have checked this out before and I concluded that there is no hard science behind the idea of distilled water leaching out minerals being uses by the body.

      In any case, when I distill water, leaving only a tiny amount of residue from water previously containing 550-750 ppm, the volume of deposits left in the bottom of the distiller is really tiny, and a stomach full of food will easily provide substance for the distilled water to draw minerals from anyway.

      Thanks for offering to send the quotes Manuel, new stuff is always appreciated. Please send them as an email to my YouTube channel at: TheMothman717’s channel.

      1. Mothman,
        I am not very keen at finding your connection in the web page 717 you refer me to..
        my mail is at44 “at” (not a typo, spell it exactly.. If you mail me put your name on the subject so I can fish it out of the Junk box and I will return an answer with the Quotes..


        1. Simply highlight ‘TheMothman717’s Channel’ and press Google search and you are there, you can post the info there if you like.

          1. Sorry Mothman, I do not set up Google or You Tube accounts, which it asks me to do in order to post anything….

            I do not do Facebook, Twitter and join no social networks nor go into them.

            Glad to send you the quotes if you mail me and I mail you back.

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