“Arizona Man” Brings Death At An Idaho Intersection

Allan Wall

Connor Dale Holcomb was a 22-year old resident of the state of Idaho.

“Connor loved the outdoors….” reads his obituary, and in Idaho, there is a lot of outdoors to love.

Connor enjoyed hunting, ATV riding and mountain lake boating.   He had played football and wrestled and spent time as a ski instructor.

Heavy equipment operation was Connor’s vocation, and he was also involved in cattle raising.

Connor’s earthly life came to an end on May 19th, 2021, driving his Ford pickup truck across an Idaho highway intersection.

If Connor had crossed the intersection a few minutes earlier, maybe even a few minutes later, he might have been safe.

But the instant he crossed the intersection, the drunk driver of a semi-truck ran a red light and crashed right into Connor’s pickup.

As for Connor, he was thrown out of his pickup.  They took him to the hospital, but it was too late. The young man died of blunt force trauma.

The semi-truck driver was drunk, with a blood alcohol content level of 0.22.  Compare that to the U.S. legal intoxication level of 0.08 and the 0.04 intoxication level for commercial drivers.

Who was the drunk driver who took Connor’s life?

The Idaho Statesman newspaper called the driver “an Arizona man”.  Indeed, he did reside in Arizona.

But the rest of the story is that Cecilio Eliut Camacho-Montoya was an illegal alien from Mexico. So he wasn’t legally in the country, shouldn’t have been driving a semi-truck in this country, and certainly shouldn’t have been driving drunk in this country.

Camacho-Montoya was charged by Ada County with felony vehicular manslaughter and aggravated felony drunk driving.

This tragedy raises a number of troubling questions.

How was Camacho-Montoya allowed into the country?

Why wasn’t he deported?

Why was he allowed to drive a semi-truck if he wasn’t a legal citizen?

Did he have a license to drive that truck?   If not, why not?

If he did have a license, how could he obtain one if not legally in the country?

Whose truck was it?

If it was someone else’s, why was an illegal alien hired to drive a truck?

These are questions to which we need answers.

If we don’t get answers, and we don’t fix these problems, more Americans are likely to be killed at intersections by drivers who shouldn’t even be here.

Allan Wall

3 thoughts on ““Arizona Man” Brings Death At An Idaho Intersection

  1. Well, we know why.
    The govt. is hell bent on destroying this country and everything hard working patriotic Americans love. ( ((Great Reset))
    They created a revolving door out of our southern border while pretending to give a shit about Ukraine’s border’s.
    As long as greedy American companies hire illegals to put an extra nickel in their pockets it will continue.
    We are on our own folks! It’s up to us to fix it and anyone who stands in our way.

  2. As usual these illegal azzholes don’t give a crap about our laws and don’t belong here. This POS isn’t going to get full jail time and will probably do next to nothing and be on his merry way or departed and boomarang back to the good ole USA illegally. His employer needs to do some real hard time for hiring this azzhole also.

  3. Didn’t we just recently have another driver of a semi that couldn’t read English and kill a bunch of people in Colorado
    Because he couldn’t stop on a down grade or read the signs for the truck run off ramps ?
    Yeah , these fuks on their ivory tower have plans for us , and none of it beneficial to our longevity
    This has been war against the people from day one from these fcks
    It only comes to the surface when enough of us wake up
    And nothing gets done about it
    Until they push too far
    But by that time
    Your family could be wiped out

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