Armed Doctor Who Opened Fire on Active Shooter in Hospital Shooting Could Lose His Job

medical_doctorGuns Save Lives – by Dan Cannon

As we reported yesterday, it would seem that an armed doctor in Pennsylvania prevented a possible mass shooting at the hospital he was working at.

The doctor managed to land several chest hits on the suspect after he had shot another person and wounded the doctor.

However, despite his heroic, likely life saving acts, the doctor (identified as Lee Silverman), may end up unemployed as gratitude.  

According to the Employee Code of Conduct for Mercy Health System [emphasis mine],

9. Health and Safety…

…Employees are prohibited from bringing firearms or explosives of any kind into the workplace. elaborated further, and also included some praise for the doctor,

It was not clear why Silverman, a doctor for nearly 25 years, was armed at the office. Bernice Ho, a spokeswoman for Mercy Fitzgerald, said Thursday it was against hospital policy for anyone other than security guards to carry weapons.

Donald Molineux, chief of the Yeadon Police Department, said that if Silverman returned fire and wounded Plotts, he “without a doubt saved lives.”

It’s looking the doctor may face some sort of career harming penalty at best or possibly termination at worst. Being terminated for violating such a policy may also put the doctor’s license to practice medicine at risk.

2 thoughts on “Armed Doctor Who Opened Fire on Active Shooter in Hospital Shooting Could Lose His Job

  1. Better alive & unemployed (He is a Doctor, won’t have a hard time finding another job) than DEAD & Unemployed!!!

    1. yup, my thoughts exactly
      and who would want to work for someone that would rather you died in that confrontation rather than protect yourself and maybe a bunch of patients that would sue the hospitals owners pants off if this DR hadnt stepped in

      Narrow minded jerk off

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