Army Reducing Its Numbers in Face of Recruiting Difficulties

Breitbart – by Kristina Wong

The Army this week admitted it was having problems recruiting and announced an unprecedented reduction in its numbers that would shrink the active duty Army to its smallest size since World War II.

“We’re facing, obviously, some challenging conditions in terms of our ability to recruit and attract talent,” Under Secretary of the Army Gabe Camarillo said at a press conference on Monday.

Camarillo blamed a “very tight labor market” for the Army’s recruiting woes.

“What we’re just seeing is given the particular conditions of a very tight labor market, our ability to meet all of our projected recruiting goals were a little bit challenged in FY ’22 and FY ’23,” he said.

Camarillo said the Army’s end strength, or total number of forces, would go from 485,000 soldiers currently to 476,000 in fiscal year 2022, which ends in September, and further down to 473,000 in fiscal year 2023.

He said the Army decided on reducing its recruitment goals instead of lowering standards.

“We made the assessment that we would not want to adjust our specific criteria for quality,” he said. “And so, we made the decision to just temporarily reduce end strength, as opposed to lowering our standards.”

He added that the Army hoped to build back its numbers over the next five years.

“We don’t anticipate that it is a lasting change,” Camarillo said. “It is something that we hope to bring back up over the course of the fight up. And it’s something that we certainly think is reflective of what we hope to be transient conditions in the labor market.”

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Thomas Spoehr, director of the Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense, called the situation unprecedented.

“The Army has not faced such recruiting headwinds in the last 30 years. I am unaware of a situation where the Army has cut its end strength in response to a negative recruiting outlook,” he said.

Spoehr also attributed the decision to the Biden Administration keeping the Army budget below inflation.

“If the Biden administration was not holding the Army’s budget below the level of inflation, I am not sure they would have had to resort to cutting their end strength,” he said.

The reduction would bring the Army to its smallest since 1940, according to Military Times.

Spoehr said the Army’s decision would make units less capable:

The Army has said that rather than reduce the number of units, they will instead man units at a lower level.  So, the Army’s companies and battalions, rather than being manned at say 95-100%, with this end strength cut, the Army may only be able to fill them to a 90% level. That means less capable units.

The recruiting difficulties come as the Army has begun discharging soldiers not complying with the Biden administration’s coronavirus vaccine mandate. More than 4,000 requested a religious exemption, but only two were granted, according to recent Army statistics. An additional 2,735 soldiers have refused.

The difficulties are also despite the Army last year launching animated recruitment advertisements that highlighted women, minorities, immigrants, and the LGBT community, as previously reported by Breitbart News.

Spoehr called the Army’s recruiting difficulties “a perfect storm, all hitting in 2022.”

First, he said fewer and fewer individuals even qualify to enlist. He said:

The biggest disqualifying factors are obesity, fitness and mental health issues. This should not come as a surprise. Obesity in America, including among youth, continues to increase. More and more youth are being treated for mental health issues and being prescribed psychotropic drugs for treatment. Current numbers coming out of the Pentagon are that the percentage of individuals qualified to enlist without a waiver has dropped from 29% in 2016 to less than 25% in 2022.

Second, he said fewer and fewer individuals are interested in joining the military, also in part thanks to the Biden administration’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal:

There are economic reasons for this, many companies are now offering more generous compensation packages that include college tuition to graduating high school seniors. There are lots of jobs available now. And over time American society has placed less and less value on the idea of public service. The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan has also caused some to question our military and their competence.

Finally, he cited the perception that the military is becoming “woke.”

“There is a sense among the American public that the military is becoming increasingly political and that topics such as race and gender equity, critical race theory, and wokeism in general are commanding more attention, at the cost of readiness,” he said.

Public polls have backed up that assessment. Earlier this year, a Gallup poll showed that the public view of military leaders has dropped, and a Ronald Reagan Institute poll last year showed that high confidence in the military has dropped.

Spoehr added: “I should note that it is my assessment that for the first time ever, it may turn out that none of the military services will make their recruiting goals for 2022.  The Air Force in particular is sounding the alarm.”

12 thoughts on “Army Reducing Its Numbers in Face of Recruiting Difficulties

  1. (Gasp!) You mean no one wants to join the New World corporate states of America Army where racial and gender diversity is valued above all?

    Who would have thought?

  2. So, the perversion-pushing has nothing to do with this?!! Or the jab refusals?!! Why would they take such a step? Because THEY WANTED TO!!! And planned it all along.

    Shouldn’t the title of this be “U.S. Willfully Relinquishing It’s Power?” With a subtitle of “Real Men Hard To Find: Globalization Wins!!”

    They’ve done everything they can to tamper with masculinity, now they’re achieving their goals of a weak nation that’s giving way to Zionist overtake.

    But the real men are with us, still alive and well, and ready to defend our Bill of Rights. Let their military fall apart. The real fighters are stepping up.


    1. Ahh, another perspective. Thanks, Hal. I hope a good many of them are and I’d bet they are. Tyranny has a way of being annoying, and inconvenient, and MURDEROUS!!


  3. My fantasy. Reinstate the draft for LGBTQIA+ ONLY.
    Find the reincarnation of F Lee Ermey. Go back to 1960s -1980s no limit training.
    No … lawyers or judges allowed in ANY government position. Elected or appointed. SES included with priority. Actually the deviants will have no access to any legal advice at all except for approved Constitutional Lawyers and Judges that have been pre-screened. If they deviate at all from the Constitution? They are gone. Instantly. With significant penalties.
    No recourse.
    Problem #1 Solved. If there are basic trading survivors? They will be hard a**. And will have earned it. Put them on the front line direct combat units only.
    Make F Lee Ermey and his hand picked subordinates the only DI/TIs used for these deviants. Train them, work them and run them until they meet the original standard and criteria for a pre-1990 soldier, breakdown for life (mentally and physically) or die in the process. I estimate that will be 2 -4 weeks maximum. No conscientious objectors allowed unless they meet all other basic training criteria and agree to be battlefield medics. No medical treatment or deferrals until near death and permanent disability. Broken finger? Tongue depressor and tape. Foot pain doesn’t exist. If infection occurs or pain becomes severe. Here’s some Tylenol. Or penicillin. Or squirt some anti-fungal between your toes and keep them clean and dry. Or we amputate. They chose. No medical discharges. The only medical exception is that they can ask to be given medication to bring back their genetically correct hormone levels. That fixes the first problem.
    I think I really understand the anti-government, anti-order following police and military views of people on this channel. As Americans, we all have let our country be infiltrated by Communists and… Wake up. This is for all of the marbles. If it’s too late? We are already dead. And we have NOTHING TO LOSE by fighting to death. We must NAME the ENEMY. Pick a SIDE. And ELIMINATE THEM. With EXTREME PREJUDICE.
    In all of human history, picking a side was necessary for survival. Except for the last 60+ years or so when the … InfilTraitors began a slow and complete internal and external takeover of the US. …changed immigration laws. They pushed for reforms in racial treatment and for Equality…NOT EQUITY. Many were reforms that are humane eventually worked. Until 2001. More “divide and conquer” techniques to subvert our country via the long … game. The low IQ GWB and his “family” had been useful goyim/idiots for the … for a long time. …perfected and were appropriately severely punished by astute populations (expelled by over 100 countries) over many Centuries. …were banned from England for 300+ years until the latter 17th Century. England went downhill after that if you look at the historical record.
    …are the enemy. Here. In Europe. In Russia and China. In Canada. We must presume they are the enemy in most of the rest of the Western World and many 3rd World countries.
    Pick a side if you want to survive. It may be distasteful and repulsive to you.
    Millions of Humans have died for Principles and Ideologies. You’re welcome to make that choice.
    Or support those that desire and are qualified to defend you and your family against useful idiots or actual … who want you dead.
    A decision will be required soon. Possibly within a month or two? Or maybe a year or two? For those who believe like we do. The Sooner the Better.
    All Traitors to the US Constitution must be removed from elected or appointed offices. Tried and Judged in a Tribunal NOT of their Traitorous peers. And punished immediately. High Treason means immediate death. Usually by hanging or firing squad. Openly watched by the public and broadcast and recorded live worldwide by every one in the world over a single analog and digital channel.
    Why Analog live? Because it’s much more difficult to easily fake than digital.
    Everything must be shown. Children and adults must see the blood in real time 4k and the brutal results of a live hanging. Urine, Feces, Twitching and all.
    The … have 150+ years of experience in creating fake images and history. Including obviously false soundtracks. Most was done to entertain the average person for profit. They cannot be allowed to participate in any of this, with extreme prejudice, so tha people can see what happens to Traitorous enemies.
    … = )3w or )3wish.

    1. With all due respect there, Captain, there is nor has there ever been a lawful Constitution as there was never a Constitution ratified by we the people, hence they never had our consent to be rulers or pretend to be rulers.
      Only the Bill of Rights is law as it was ratified by the elected representatives of we the people and hence given our consent. The Bill of Rights was ratified by the several states before it was ever attached to that fraudulent Constitution that never was.
      Again, the Constitution is without the consent of we the people and can never be, as it cannot be ratified by corporate actors accumulated via an unlawful corporate occupational election.
      There is only one law in this land and that is the written ratified by the people unalienable law which was already the only law in this country when it was attached to that fraudulent Constitution.
      The Bill of Rights belongs to the people. It outlines our jurisdictional authority over this sovereign country and our individual beings.
      The so called Constitution which is in reality a corporation has no authority over we the people as it is a blatant fraud, perpetrated in violation of the 9th Article of the Bill of Rights which is not separated as Amendments in the Constitution, but is a single body of law that can never be altered. No power can exist to alter it.
      They can shove their Constitution up their ass and they will never be rid of we the people or our absolute jurisdictional authority over our absolute law.
      The Bill of Rights and what was presented as a Constitution are of opposite subject matter. The so called Constitution is about government authority. The Bill of Rights is about the people’s absolute jurisdictional authority and is the highest law in this land. It should have never been joined with the Constitution as any contract containing opposing subject matters is meant for one subject matter to destroy the other, as they are repugnant to one another. In any written contract one or the other must destroy its counterpart, as each is a contradiction to the other.
      Saying the word Constitution when you are talking about the Bill of Rights is an oxymoron, by definition.
      Just something you might want to look at and everybody needs to look at, because when you say Constitution you are advocating for the power of an unlawful corporation. When you say Bill of Rights, you are declaring the people’s supreme jurisdictional authority as individual free nationals.
      Something to think about.

  4. Henry, I really appreciate the personal response. Although I consider myself well educated about a lot of things. The details of the history of our country from the Declaration of Independance through the multiple versions and official, or not, adoptions or ratifications of our Constitution is not part of my permanent memory. To be honest, I found it incredibly boring when I was young. Although I have tried to educate myself over the last couple of decades, the information available is so conflicting that I still find it boring.
    I’m an American male. I like cars, airplanes, firearms, women, hunting and music far more than I do these interpretations of the validity or invalidity of the Constitution. It is why I would prefer to have my fingernails pulled out slowly vs. being a lawyer. There is too much cognitive dissonance in what I have found. Between the legal and practical realities of the use of the Constitution in the way our Country/Culture operates. What I did barely grasp in the past is fading at 63 years old. Believe it or not, I rely on this/your website to keep the subjective, objective and legal interpretations of the Constitution, or its invalidity, in perspective on a rough timeline in my head. I value that a lot. Thank You.
    Please keep in mind that I need to keep the reality in the belief of the Constitution and how it’s been perceived, used in the legal system and considered by the average American for 200+ years. As opposed to the real truth that you alone, and only a few others, provide about the validity, variations, alternate interpretations, incorrect interpretations and the modern accepted understanding of it’s language by virtually every other American. And its use in the criminalized legal system. There are evil psychopathic organized criminals who have studied its flaws, searched for ways around its commonly accepted interpretations, for over 200+ years. To facilitate the destruction of the US, the USA or America interpreted in whatever way benefits their view, claim or perverse “legal” association with our Country.
    These enemies of our country, no matter how you or I view it, or the Constitution designates. Need to be specifically and publically identified. And then pursued and destroyed with systemic, brutal, vicious and lethal tactics. We must pick a side. We cannot do it alone.
    Or we are already dead. That’s my personal opinion.
    It’s late here, ~2:15 AM. I’m exhausted as it’s been a hard day for my brain to function reliably and logically. With as little emotion as possible, except when it is necessary. I wanted to answer tonight to your comment so my thoughts were fresh. But I am fading.
    I still vividly remember the only time I’ve ever met you briefly, In the Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital in the morning before my Dad died that evening. I still miss him terribly. CO

    1. There is really no big deal to the interpretation. The Constitution was not ratified by any representative elected by the people. The aristocracy of that day supposedly formed a government in the middle of a people’s uprising. Like everything else today, they just declared it.
      The representatives sent to the Continental Congress were not elected either, but rather appointed by the so called federal government that appointed itself.
      George Washington was selected by the aristocracy, not elected by the people. In fact the first words out of John Adam’s mouth after the surrender at York Town was, “Let’s declare a king”, hence the people never ratified the Constitution.
      The Bill of Rights, on the other hand, was sent from state to state to state where representative elected by we the people ratified it into law.
      It is difficult to explain what went wrong while using incorrect terminology. There is no Constitution, never has been, that we the people consented to through any elected representative. Those who ratified it were appointed by those who appointed themselves as our government during an uprising. No voting involved. Just like what they are doing now. They wrote it down on a piece of paper and started building a paid army under their control to enforce their dictates.
      The people who fought at Lexington and Concorde were not fighting to create a new country and a new aristocracy to rule over them. They were in fact fighting for their rights as British subjects guaranteed by English law.
      The Constitution is shit and to call our rights constitutional rights is shit shit, as again, it confuses reality.
      There is no Constitution in this country. There is only the Bill of Rights, which is our common law and the only law in this country. It never should have been attached in any way to the Constitution that never was.
      Our rights do not come from any Constitution or any lawful government. They are natural rights, we are born with them. And our Bill of Rights/common law is the avenue we use to exercise and enforce our law.
      This has to be understood or again, when you say constitutional or constitution, you are throwing a misnomer into the soup that can only serve to confuse.
      I picked my side a long long long time ago. If we want people to pick the right side we should try to provide them with correct information.
      Constitutional rights for the individual is an oxymoron and it has been used to confuse since December 15, 1791. The Bill of Rights never needed to be attached to the Constitution. The Bill of Rights is above the Constitution, that is the Constitution that never was.
      I hope you can understand why I harp on this. I want clarity in the truth that we are telling here. What I’ve told you is documented fact. Get some sleep, brother, we have a long road to hoe.
      I of course remember your visit at the hospital and that you lost your dad. I lost mine too in 1995. I’ve also lost my mom and two brothers since. That’s why I find it urgent to put history in its correct content.
      Onward and upward. 🙂

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