Army Swiftly Backpedals on Policy Dropping High School Diploma Requirement

After only a week, the Army has swiftly reversed a new policy that would have allowed potential recruits to enlist into the force without a high school diploma or GED, according to an internal memo reviewed by and confirmed by a spokesperson. 

The Army, along with the other services, faces an ongoing crisis to fill in the ranks amid a convergence of issues, including an increasingly competitive civilian job market and the military losing some public awareness in the absence of a major conflict. So far, the Army has only hit about 40% of its recruiting goals this year.

On June 23, the service said that it would drop the requirement for completing high school under the condition that enlistees quickly ship out to boot camp, setting a deadline of Oct. 1 to begin training.

However, the move was met with some mockery online and accusations of it being a desperate measure, lowering standards to fill in the ranks wherever the Army could.

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One thought on “Army Swiftly Backpedals on Policy Dropping High School Diploma Requirement

  1. The army can’t recruit enough people to invade other countries for their resources. Homelessness, Starvation, Deprivation, Severe oppression, the invasion at the southern border, those things don’t matter. You just worry about that recruitment crisis so that zion can consolidate power.

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