Arnold Schwarzenegger struck by kicking attacker in South Africa


Hollywood action star and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger was suddenly felled by a flying kick to the back while attending an event in South Africa.

Schwarzenegger was appearing at the Arnold Classic Africa Festival in Sandton, Johannesburg when he was attacked by a man who ran towards him and delivered a jumping high kick to the Terminator’s upper back, causing him to stumble into the crowd of people next to him. 

The attacker fell to the ground after making contact with the former bodybuilder. He was removed from the Sandton Convention Centre by security guards.

“Arnold was not injured at all, as you can see in the video he is smiling later,”said Wayne Price, director of the Arnold Partner for Africa.

Schwarzenegger later shared a video of him greeting fans at the event on Twitter, which generated many tweets of support and concern from his followers.

7 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger struck by kicking attacker in South Africa

  1. That may be a robot with a bad hair cut and dye job? The face seems mechanical, too. Arnold is probably dead.

  2. Article didn’t give motive. This could be part of the race game going on currently in So. Africa (and many other places). There are deep anti-white sentiments and hostile land-grabs. I’m no Schwarzenegger fan, certainly he’s connected at the upper levels, but looks like the hatred game is being upped. Focused and funded, I’m sure.

    Another indicator:

    The growing phenomenon of racially exclusive grad ceremonies:

    I’d like to think we are moving closer to outgrowing the “divide and conquer” strategy, that it no longer will work on us. That we can no longer be fooled by it. Then the spotlight will be turned where it should be. It might be hard on Bibi’s eyes.


  3. Further thoughts… Maybe getting kicked in the back is just Arnold’s karma for donating so much money to The Simon Wiesenthal Center. Hmmm…


  4. Saw a video from a better angle today and he was barely moved by the kick….guy was very small.

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