As COVID rages on, Congress dreams up more ways to give US tax dollars to Israel

If Americans Knew – by Kathryn Shihadah

In spite of the pandemic, in spite of the election and the Supreme Court vacancy, pro-Israel Congress members continue to spend time pushing their Israel agenda. Democrats who want to wait on the Supreme Court appointment till the new government comes in are rushing to add one more pro-Israel bill or resolution. Members of the House of Representatives, each representing a small local population, are pulling together obscure, fiction-based narratives to rationalize more legislation.

It is important to remember that these bills in support of Israel are being introduced despite Israel’s long record of human rights violations, of racism against a sizable portion of its population, and of damage to the U.S.

Below are the most recent bills before Congress, introduced since our last two articles. Our first report itemized fifty pieces of legislation that were brought up in the first year of this Congressional session, 2019; the second covered roughly the first half of 2020.

Below are those introduced since June – at the end of the list is the single new piece of legislation in support of justice for Palestinians, introduced by Minnesota Representative Betty McCollum.

Read them here:

One thought on “As COVID rages on, Congress dreams up more ways to give US tax dollars to Israel

  1. These cocksuckers are all trying to get rich with the kickbacks. For everydollar these pieces of shit bring to Israel, Israel kicks back a piece.

    These toilet bugs are always bitching about not making enough money, now you know how they supplement.

    Reminds me of when I was driving limo in Vegas, for every head I brought to the strip club, The club would pay me 25 bucks, I made a lot of money, it supplemented my pay huge. The mafia was damn good to me, LMAO…

    This is exactly the same thing.

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