At least 26 dead in shooting at Connecticut elementary school

Fox News

DEVELOPING: Authorities say at least 26 people, including 18 children, were killed Friday when a gunman opened fire inside a Connecticut elementary school.

A law enforcement official said the shooter, who is dead, is believed to be a father of one of the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. Authorities recovered a Glock and Sig Sauer 9mm handgun, but it was unclear who killed the shooter, who wore black combat garb and a military vest.

An official with knowledge of the situation said the man, described as in his 20’s, had two guns. The motive is not yet known.

Earlier reports of a second gunman are unconfirmed. The Connecticut Post reports that police are also questioning a handcuffed man in connection with the shooting. Witnesses told the newspaper he was led out of the woods by officers.

Shortly after 9:40 a.m., authorities reported that a shooter was in the main office of the school. A person in one room had “numerous gunshot wounds,” police told the Hartford Courant.

A dispatcher at the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps said a teacher was shot in the foot and taken to Danbury Hospital. Local news outlets also reported that the principal was among those shot.

Parent Lisa Procaccini told Fox News that her daughter was sitting in a classroom when she and others heard gun shots.

“She was in a small class — a reading group and they started hearing bangs,” Procaccini said. “Her teacher, and I’m grateful  for this, rushed kids into the bathroom and locked the door. They told kids it was hammering and tried to keep them calm.”

“Children were crying,” Procaccini said. “She did tell me about a little boy that was in a police officer’s arms, bleeding. I don’t know if she gets it.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said two firearms were recovered from the scene.

President Obama was notified of the shooting around 10:30 am ET, White House officials said.

The Newtown School District has locked down schools as a preventive measure to ensure the safety of students and staff.

A statement on the district’s website stated that afternoon kindergarten classes have been canceled.

The elementary school has close to 700 students.

Newtown is in Fairfield County, about 45 miles southwest of Hartford and 60 miles northeast of New York City.

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21 thoughts on “At least 26 dead in shooting at Connecticut elementary school

  1. 27 reported dead, 18 children ages 4-10. Hartford, CT newspaper reports one entire classroom unaccounted for. Shooter was 24, wearing all black, a bullet proof vest, and had 4 guns ( one .223 caliber rifle [M-16]). Still looking for a second shooter. Death toll not final. School had 646 students, town has a population of 27,000. School had strict video ID in place for entry.

    1. And it took place on a Friday, giving it maximum weekend News Cycle
      exposure – like so many other psy-ops. Pure Evil.
      There’s been a lot of internet chatter about another psy-op involving a dirty bomb coming up on Christmas Day. If you live in Phoenix you may want to spent the Yule season in Vegas …

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    Our Treasonous Gov’t Now Upping The “HORROR FACTOR!”

    As I have stated previously and emphatically, “Expect More Shooting!, And More Horror” as the gov’t stages mass casualty events to ramp up disarming Americans.

    Here is the latest:


    Article: “27 dead’ in Connecticut primary school shooting”

    In reading this article, it is ALREADY plain and clear that this is a, “Gov’t Sponsored Act Of Terror”,.. period,.. bar none. Notice how the initial reports again have two of the most consistent aspects of these Gov’t Acts Of Terror:

    1) There are AGAIN,.. initial reports of TWO shooters,.. which will of course be confused and changed to one shooter later.

    2) There is NO discussion of the shooter(s) AT ALL in this article!,.. just description of the horror they created,.. and HOW MANY ROUNDS THEY FIRED! (How can ANYONE say how many rounds were fired in a “surprise” event, but have zero description of the so-called shooters?!, Answer: Because they ALREADY knew how many rounds they were sending the shooters in with.)

    Expect lawmakers to be “APPALLED” by this, and that they have been “inundated by their constituents” to “DO SOMETHING TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!”

    Let there be no mistake in your mind America,.. this is a 100% US Gov’t Operation, and as the previous such operations FAILED to given the them the legislative traction they needed to disarm Americans,.. they are now upping the “Horror Factor” by gunning down children.

    Expect to see more of this, especially by the people who put Obama in office, as they are the ones behind the NWO, the ones behind the destruction of our country, and are the ones behind making every attempt to disarm americans no matter how many innocent Americans, how many innocent Children they have to kill to do it. THAT IS HOW MUCH THEY ARE SALIVATING TO ENSLAVE US!

    That is their true nature.

    Now imagine what they will do to YOU, me, and every other American once everyone (but their stooges) are fully disarmed!

    Please,.. say a solemn prayer for those poor souls. Children,.. executed by our own gov’t just so they can disarm Americans…..

    JD – US Marines

    PS: Mr Shivley,…What can I do to help with the Marine in the Mexican jail? (Jon Hammer)

    1. I reported the description that has since been released. One witness has said she heard “hundreds of shots.” There is an official news conference that has just started, as I’m writing.

  3. Psyop written all over it.

    I mean, hate to sound niave, but what adult kills children? I do not believe it for a minute. There really are not any terms of expression regarding an event of such magnitude. “They” have exposed themselves on this one, me thinks.

    I don’t care what the dude(s) problem was, nothing could explain the initiative, no matter how crazed, to open fire on a bunch of children.

    And as usual, ‘reports of a second gunman are unconfirmed.’ My ass.

  4. This is a war. A flat out, unabashed, war. In all it’s inexpressible depravity. And the adversary is gun control. “They” are killing your children.

  5. This is starting to piss me off!

    It appears “THEY” can’t get the emotional reaction from the public to call on the government to ban guns any better than attacking the public’s children. Watch for the public plea to the government. Problem = (watch for) the reaction = for a (government) solution. Santa-ma-beechay!!!!

    And you know who called the state Governer to offer his help??? Oh sure!!! Psyop indeed!!!!

  6. What a tragedy. Unfortunately, I believe this has something to do with gun control. Don’t forget about the possibility of a second shooter. In either event, what a tragedy. Whether this is MK ULTRA or just a lone nut, this is still horrific.

    1. For whatever the reasons it will be used against us by the cancerous evil elite that use corporate governance to mask their identity. Zionism is a disease of the soul.

      God love all those involved today, our prayers are required at this time.

      When will the madness cease?

  7. Classic psy-op. Problem-reaction-solution.
    I saw this one early this morning, but for some reason assumed it had already been posted, without actually checking.

    This has GOT to end SOON!!!

    p.s. I saw an article last night that said that Ohio is getting ready to pass a conceal-carry law like Illinois just did.

    Now I wonder???

  8. Yes, it is beyond cowardice to target the children.
    And right before the Christmas holiday season…
    probably to make it extra painful for the survivors and families.
    Sear it into the nation’s mind and try to grab the guns while the memory is fresh.

    I also agree there are going to be more incidents. This is because these psychopaths have no bounds on their absolute depravity. They want total control. It’s not about left/right it’s about flavors of control.

    Sick beyond sick.

    People need to see this as the black-bag false-flag Op it is.
    We need more people armed, not less.


    1. Flek
      I agree with you….this is not about right or left. Until the American people can grasp this issue, I feel we can make no progress.

  9. Shocking and terrifying the lengths some people will go to. Guns have never been hard to get in the US for its entire history, why suddenly starting in 1999 all the school shootings? Why only in the US? (plenty of guns elsewhere in the world)

    Something very odd is afoot, and these poor people caught amongst it.

    How long before cynical politicians start trotting out the new round of public disarmament for our own good?

    Amazing timing, the grabber-in-chief hasn’t even been inaugurated yet!

    So sad.

    1. Joe;
      He has been innagurated twice actually..both times in Jan. of 2009.
      I don’t even see why there would be ANOTHER Innaugaration, if he’s already president. Waste of even MORE money. And why would(does) it matter if he has been sworn-in yet or not?
      Something odd is afoot? Absolutely…except it’s not’s right in front of everyone’s face, and so NOT odd as to be a natural part of things in the sleeping minds.

      *shakes head* This is infuriating…this incident, not your post.


      ~Blessed Be to all~

  10. hegelianism written all over it. the synthesis is disarming us. they have failed to get any results from previous events now they are going after our children. expect more of these with more terrible results. how long are “the people” going to sit idle and let these heartless zionists evils kill us?

  11. The ‘elite’ are getting desperate….. How else can they get our guns? I say ‘false flag’. Overwhelmingly, Americans are good people who’s government has lost it’s mind. We the people demand that Congress vet out these rogue elements who are committing these heinous crimes against US citizens.

    The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists….. J Edgar Hoover

  12. Why are there soldiers trotting around the crime scene? Who are the soldiers? Who called them? They are not supposed to be there.

  13. Yesterday they stuck a microphone into a surviving child’s face who blurted out that they caught the 2nd shooter hiding in the woods. He was a young man in camo pants, black shirt and military boots. He was face down and handcuffed at the fire station.

    In Oregon, I believe the 2nd shooter had a police radio. He was there to kill the first shooter and to direct the narrative towards the suicidal one shooter story. Whenever the police on the scene broadcast that witnesses (3 times) saw a 2nd shooter, he came on the air and corrected them. When police on the scene said they found the “jammed AR15” next to the shooter’s body, he again came on the air and said the shooter had died from self inflicted wounds.

    AR15’s often jam so bad, you need a special extraction device to clear the gun. How did the shooter kill himself? Did he club himself to death?

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