At least 5 dead after massive 70+ vehicle pileup on icy Texas highway

Feb 11, 2021

At least five people are dead after more than 70 vehicles were involved in a massive ice-related pileup Thursday morning on Interstate 35 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Aerial footage showed the extent of the damage after a series of icy collisions, including multiple semi-trucks, were caught in the wreckage. Video at the scene showed dozens of smashed cars and trucks, some literally piled on top of one another on a wet roadway.

Fort Worth Fire officials said there were numerous injuries due to the pileups and first responders were checking on people in each vehicle involved.

9 thoughts on “At least 5 dead after massive 70+ vehicle pileup on icy Texas highway

  1. This is pretty fucd up
    You would think by now
    We would have ways of mitigating things like this

    I’m sure the next human idea will be some stupid law
    Or requirement, rather than humanity coming together to fix something

    Be careful out there y’all

    1. Seat belt laws are a fkg joke, especially CDL rules, fkg as useless as a left handed bacon stretcher, especially when you have 40 million illegals running around on your highways.

      You mix ice and stupid you get death… People actually speed up on ice, ive seen plenty of that shit.

      Truckers are a big problem, hate to admit it, but some of these asshats are just miserable drivers, then others follow them because they think the trucker is safe.

      Truckers drive waaaaaay to fast, real idiotic man, just plain ol stupidity…

      I used to be one of them, ive slowed waaaay down man, waaaay down. Waaay too many idiots on the roads today.

      1. I think another issue with trucking is you have a lot of 10 cent a mile, open toed sandal wearing truckers out there. Nobody running CB radio’s anymore… I drive in snow and ice all the time running the Northeast, and my CB stays on.

      2. Yeah probably having a forward looking radar telling the driver that there’s an obstruction probably wouldn’t work either , it would just get ignored until it’s too late

        I have millions of miles under my belt in many types of vehicles in many types of road conditions
        Sometimes experience has to play a roll , telling you when to stay put
        Or when to move forward with extreme caution

        All it takes is one idiot to start the pinball game

        I’m kinda glad I got out of daily pushing 80k down the road
        As I’ve lived in the northeast all my life
        It’s mostly 2 wheels and a pick up truck / trailer combo for me anymore
        I still see stupid people taking stupid chances

  2. That area has been under construction for years. There are “express” or toll lanes, which are barricaded off to keep out the riff-raff. The barricades take up space that could be used for extra lanes so traffic wouldn’t be so bunched up. Texas roads were primarily built in the 50s when cars had tailfins. With the never ending population explosion the roads are so congested that commuting times no doubt compare to the 40s, before cars had tailfins.

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