Attaching Molle Straps to Alice Pack

Uploaded on Jul 15, 2010 – by charper3006

Here is a video on attaching the Molle straps to an Alice Pack. I have gotten alot of requests about how to do this, so I hope this helps.

You will need the Molle II straps, Waist belt and the Modular Sleep System Carrier (if you choose), the Alice pack and frame.

I tried to to this video quick to keep the time down, however if you have any questions comment or send me a message.


One thought on “Attaching Molle Straps to Alice Pack

  1. Thanks for posting up Paul I love to use older TECH with new TECH even have some of this already done up myself. This also helps with cost as you can find older ALICE stuff cheaper than the MOLLE and then add what you want or need.

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