Nationwide Amoxicillin shortage expected to hit local pharmacies


WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – Amoxicillin, a commonly used drug for treating bacterial infection, is in short supply. Three of the top four makers of the antibiotics report having supply constraints in the U.S. The liquid form of the drug is taking the biggest hit. 

One Marshfield Clinic Health System Pharmacist said their pharmacy has not experienced the shortage yet, but they’re preparing for it.

“It is coming it is something that’s going to happen,” said Logan Whitfield, Infectious Disease Pharmacist at Marshfield Clinic Pharmacy.

Drug manufacturers have not reported exactly what is causing the shortage other than it’s due to supply constraints.

Regardless of why it means there may not be enough to go around to everyone who needs it, especially children. Manufacturers say the liquid form is the most scarce.

“I think what a lot of people are concerned about is their kids right, we use amoxicillin for our kiddos a lot, they’re getting sick a lot, especially with things like ear infections, throat infections, maybe even some pneumonia,” said Whitfield.

One thought on “Nationwide Amoxicillin shortage expected to hit local pharmacies

  1. One more drop in the bucket of slow genocide.

    What will the NEXT great shortage be? Ibuprofen? Novocain? Anesthetics? Food? Water?

    They’re changing the planet’s name from Earth to SHORTAGES-R-US!!


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