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Las Vegas Shooting Raw Interview :What No One is talking about.

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‘Lee Harvey’ Paddock…Another ‘Lone Gunman’ LIE Worst ‘Suicide’ Set-Up Of A Patsy Ever? – by Jeff Rense Paddock’s arms are both DOWN at his sides but the ‘suicide’ gun is perfectly placed about 3′ above his head.

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Shooter’s Brother Is Caught Lying To Las Vegas PD, Goes On Crazy Rant To Defend Himself

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INSIDER: Las Vegas Shooting Coverage Censored by YouTube to Push Gun Control

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Something is NOT right with this Interview. What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas?

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“The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” – Gordon Lightfoot

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RAW VIDEO: Escape from Las Vegas shooting

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The Wounded Knee Massacre

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Las Vegas Shooting: Illuminati FALSE FLAG?/Retired “Accountant”?/FREEMASON GUN CONTROL

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Oroville Update 4 Oct “4 Weeks and 85 feet to Go!”

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The American Form Of Government

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Las Vegas Shooting – Brand Thornton’s Nephew Shot in Chest

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The Las Vegas Casino Shooting As It Happened (Police Scanner)

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Neil Diamond – Done Too Soon

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FEMA REGION 6 – “Whats your business here?”

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Massive FEMA Graves Caught On Cam In Houston Texas?

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National school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig explains the evidence he sees that Sandy Hook was a scripted false flag event, going to court on Nov. 15th in $55 million ‘parent’ lawsuit that might reveal the truth

Washington’s Blog – by Carl Herman I wrote on this topic in 2014, and recently contributed that the average age giving birth of 36 for the 20 women claiming to be the victims’ mothers have probabilities against such relatively elderly mothers from 109 … Continue reading

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Rick Lovelien ~ More LEAKED footage from BLM on April 12, 2014

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Empire Files: Inside Palestine’s Refugee Camps

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Israel : Home Demolitions for Illegal Settlements

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