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Published on Dec 1, 2013 by roypotterqa

Time for our awareness to cause action. The evil in our government is constantly seizing more and more power through manipulating us. Paramount is Charles Krauthammer’s article in the Washington Post titled “The Outbreak of Lawlessness.” The link is below to his article and I include a letter I wrote to friends and family. I discuss Oathkeepers, Chuck Smith (smithfix), and gun confiscation in NY and CA. Here below are the links I refer to in the video:

Charles Krauthammer
(My Letter First)
Friends and Family,
Am I thankful? Yes, to God and many things, but NOT this lawless and tyrannical government that give us NOTHING to thank it for!!!
We have witnessed the complete breakdown of our Constitutional Democratic Republic…and Congress acts like it goes along. YES! Even the Republicans (even George Bush, guys). Sorry, but it is just so. No one, I MEAN NO ONE, has the guts to stop this who can!! Silence equals agreement-even complicity. Throw out any need for an oath of office and defending the Constitution, these criminals do what they please when they please, This is NOT the government the law enforcement agencies and military swore to uphold. The worthless armed goons and thugs of the establishment witness this lawlessness by those in power and do nothing but write tickets to the little people for revenue gathering, or like the TSA, harass and violate the rights of all Americans and revel in it. When the people see their government wholly violate the law, what example does that give them? This is destruction and it is well underway. The Soviet Union had nothing this gang in Washington D.C. has not done, and D.C. has done far worse. We are the reincarnation of the Soviet Union on steroids, one far worse because at least the Soviet regime pretended to obey its own laws! Our regime breaks our laws openly and with impunity and disregard!!
Think I am making a big deal of nothing? Look at Texas, nullifying Obamacare and beginning secessionist plans (as I said they would). Look at Montana, Wyoming, and, can you believe!!!!, California nullifying the indefinite detension part of NDAA (as well and good Brown should have. At least he did one thing right)! Secessionist movement even by counties in Colorado and California. Yes, I know, these rumblings have happened before. But, this time, we are seeing a vastly different, what I call, order of battle. The nation is being ripped apart, and that by design.
Well, I hope you all realize I took my oath seriously, and there are others who are doing the same (most keep a lower profile than me, or guard their pensions with more gentle whining). My youtube site is reaching quite a few; but talk is cheap albeit necessary. I am now usually referring people to other more accomplished and less tainted commentators.
My problem is that people think this will pass them by. “Stay quiet, mind your own business, and you will be all right,” they say. Do they know what the end game is here? Do they not remember the Greek Philosopher who said, “You might not be interested in politics, but politics is ALWAYS interested in you.” Do they not learn from history? Do they not consider the Stalinist and Maoist purges? How about Pol Pot in Cambodia? How about the fact that the US is funding and training Al Qaeda and ADMITS it!!??!! If you do not know where this is going, I suggest you study it out in the papers and books of people like Zbignew Brezezinski, Henry Kissinger, John Holdren, and literally a hundred others.
Do I know what to do? OF COURSE!!! But, as most of you know, my name is not welcome in most societies, even the ones that oppose this wicked regime. But, I am here, and will stand ready anytime I am asked. God help us, but we turned our back on Him a long time ago!
What got me going today?
Below is an article by Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, no less!! There are NOT enough of these. I doubt he is ever invited to the White House, or even the Congressional Press Room. Must be a good guy! I wonder how long the WP will keep him?

Charles Krauthammer…

Chuck Smith






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