6 thoughts on “Awkward

  1. That oh shit moment is when your local police are indistinguishable from your military except for what is written on the uniform. See the above photo. A paramilitary police force WILL consider you to be “the enemy” and treat you as such. They are NOT there to protect you. They are there to ensure your force submission by any means, up to and including killing you. In their eyes you are guilty of some thing.

  2. Pie in the sky. Or, that’ll be the day. Or, when pigs fly, not swine flu!
    They do not have the mental stability to comprehend conficting thoughts. Makes ’em twichy fingered.

  3. Yeah, I freaked when I started reading about FEMA camps, CHEMTRAILS, toxic ‘vaccines’, GMO poisons & the rest.

    But then I started getting pissed.

    REALLY pissed.

    That’s why I’m here.

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