B.C. expands health-care vaccine mandate to include dentists, chiropractors and other regulated professionals


B.C. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has announced that the province’s vaccine mandate for health-care workers will now include dentists, chiropractors and other health practitioners regulated by B.C.’s health-care colleges.

Henry made the announcement at a news conference on Wednesday. The vaccination deadline under the new order is Mar. 24 for all health-care practitioners who were not covered by an initial order on Oct. 26.

The Oct. 26 mandate covered all workers in acute care and long-term care settings, with Henry, at the time, announcing she was working with the province’s 19 regulatory colleges on the new order.

“It is the vaccine mandate in health care that has made a huge difference in our ability to manage through this wave,” she said Wednesday. “This is going to be a serious respiratory illness that’s going to be with us at least for another year.”

The new vaccine mandate is set to be rolled out in a phased manner, Henry said, and there will also be opportunities for those under the mandate to provide medical exemptions.

The order states that regulated health professionals with one dose before Mar. 24 may continue to work as long as they receive a second dose 28-35 days after their first dose.

The news conference comes a day after the B.C. NDP delivered its throne speech, in which the provincial government said keeping British Columbians safe and healthy as the COVID-19 pandemic persists remains its top priority.

The speech highlighted B.C. as having one of the highest vaccination rates in North America.

Restrictions on gatherings are set to expire on Feb. 16., and Health Minister Adrian Dix says the province is currently on track to see those eased or lifted.

Vaccination after getting infected

B.C.’s vaccine rollout continues to accelerate, with Health Minister Adrian Dix saying some residents ages 12-17 were now eligible to book their third shot. Dix said over 11 million vaccination doses have now been administered in B.C.

The health minister also said over 25 million rapid tests would be heading to B.C. at the end of February and that the province would be working on a larger distribution approach for them.

B.C. has been criticized for not rolling out rapid tests to the public fast enough, with Dix saying more details would be coming on the rollout next week.

As some vaccination appointments go unbooked, Henry clarified the recommended time to get vaccinated after getting infected.

It comes after the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) recommended that any vaccinated Canadian who gets infected should wait for three months before getting their booster dose.

Henry said she agrees with those recommendations, but also says people at higher risk of infection or who live in communal settings should prioritize getting vaccinated as soon as they are not infectious anymore.

“If you are otherwise healthy, you can wait up to three months after that infection [to get vaccinated],” she said.


6 thoughts on “B.C. expands health-care vaccine mandate to include dentists, chiropractors and other regulated professionals

  1. This looks like another big battle on the horizon. Most of the alternative health community is adamantly against vaccines. We may soon find out who our local chiropractor is.

    Maybe all these separate battles are gonna add up to THE GREAT BATTLE FOR THE BILL OF RIGHTS!!


    1. We must quit calling it a vaccine. It is not a vaccine. By definition of science, logic, and the English language, it is a biological weapon designed to commit genocide upon the world.
      The CDC itself said it is not a vaccine.
      Every time we call it a vaccine we are perpetuating an untruth.
      People must have the truth, untainted by misnomers. 🙂

      1. QR code is like a bar code, which they scan to determine if you are vaxxed or not. It’s also on the phones. When you cross the border, they already know your vax status before you even reach customs.

  2. I concur it is not a godamn vacicine!! It is a death shot!!! My neighbors Mom was in a hell care facility with a broken vertibre she was told she would have to leave if she did not get vaxxed. YOU CANT WALK WITH A BROKEN BACK!!! Sooo She ended up getting vaxD!! She had personality changes from the beginning… Then she developed blood clots an died. 64 years old!!!! THEY ARE NEVER GOING TO STOP!!!!

    1. Same with my mom. She is 97 years old. A retired public health nurse. I warned her about the shot many times. A pop up clinic came to the end of the street she lives on. One day she took a walk and ended up sitting down and rolling up her sleeve. Less than a month later, she developed problems with her bladder and dementia set in. My bro took the shot, too. Hers was Moderna and his was Astra zenica. They both took a flu shot as well. They live together and it is a living hell in that house now. He developed arthritis. My husband is disabled from a stroke. It happened 4 years ago. His doc did not recommend he take the jab. I refuse to mask up and shoot up. Funerals more than likely will be happening soon. When I go through that space in time, and they try to force the jab and the face diaper on me, I will first recite what I have learned about the law, not written in hypothesis, and when push comes to shove, someone will learn what an iron frying pan coming down hard and heavy on their head feels like. I’m trying really hard to get my mind right for when that day comes.

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