Baby Jesus placed in cage in church’s immigration-themed nativity scene

CBS News

DEDHAM, Mass. — Baby Jesus is in a cage and the wise men are closed off by a wall in a nativity scene at Saint Susanna Parish in Dedham, Massachusetts, CBS Boston reports. The display is meant to be thought provoking. “We try to take a picture of the world as it is and to put it together with a Christmas message,” said Pastor Fr. Stephen Josoma.  

This year, the message questions “peace on Earth,” since Jesus represents migrant children being held at the southern border, separated from their parents. The wise men represent a caravan of migrants behind the border wall.

Those at the church believe it’s very much the message of Jesus. “Jesus was about taking care of one another. This is not the way to take care of one another,” said Josoma.

“We’re not trying to scandalize anyone,” said parishioner Pat Ferrone, a member of the Pax Christi committee which came up with the idea for the display. “We’re trying to reflect back a reality that has to be looked at.”

Josoma said the scene is not necessarily a dig at the Trump administration. Instead of political activism, he prefers to call it gospel activism.But mixing politics with religion isn’t sitting well with some who believe the nativity scene crosses a line. “This is where you come to pray. This is not where you come to be preached at about what you should think about politics,” said Helen Watson, who drove to the church to see the display.

Parishioner Phil Mandeville said Jesus was no stranger to politics. “Christ was political. He was hung on a cross for making political statements and bucking the authority, and that’s exactly why he died,” Mandeville said.

The nativity scene is meant to be a symbol of hope. At Saint Susanna Parish, the hope is that a conversation has begun.

6 thoughts on “Baby Jesus placed in cage in church’s immigration-themed nativity scene

  1. Jesus was in born in Bethlehem because Mary and Joseph had traveled there as a part of the census, you know, to count the nationals in that aristocratic monarchy. The king was counting his subjects, his property, just like the corporate aristocracy count us as their property.
    But I’ll tell you what, if thousands from one fiefdom crossed over the border that Jesus was born in, they would be put to the sword as invaders or enslaved. When people drew lines back in those days, they meant it.

    1. BINGO! And isn’t interesting that Christ was born in the same environment as cattle (a manger in a barn)–which is exactly what the Talmud calls us Gentiles? Who woulda thunk it?

  2. I luv Jesus.

    Because if it wasn’t for him.

    I wouldn’t want to kill people in his name.

    Death to all non believers.

    Sorry thatz my roman catholic brain tattoo talking.

  3. Wow….Now that’s an all new low from the Commie religious leaders. Talk about blasphemy.

    Defacing baby Jesus and calling themselves religious leaders and using Him all in the name of art. How they can live with themselves is beyond me. I’m sure God has a special place for those assholes.

  4. The religious leaders Are worry about only one thing now who has the most . Now they need there own jets big million buck homes and big pay check as there member live pay day to pay day . It’s become big business it’s no longer about your soul . I normally stay away from this but anyone with eyes and ears see this at one time I was southern baptist

    1. Believe it or not but the new pastor at our non-denominational church in our mountain-rural POA HATES ‘CHURCH-IANITY” at least as much as I do. My Bible blog is called “” because for me it’s Christ, not religion. Christianity has become so corrupted that it is mostly no better than Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc. When CUFI artist John Hagee wears a bloody PRAYER SHAWL and Kenneth Copeland owns a whole boatload of jets…

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