Baby strapped to bride’s train


One of the most talked-about aspects of a wedding is the bride’s dress. You know, how beautiful she looked, how the groom’s eyes’ lit up when he saw her… but one bride’s dress has everybody talking.

“Baby on board! A bride in Tennessee under fire for walking down the aisle with her newborn daughter on the train of her wedding dress.

That’s right… Shona Carter-Brooks from Tennessee walked down the aisle with her 1-month-old daughter attached to the tulle of her wedding dress. And, of course, media outlets are having a heyday.

A writer for the Daily Mail said, “Something olde, something new, something borrowed and something … you should never do?”

Buzzfeed also used the common wedding-day phrase, saying: “I guess she found her ‘something new.'”

And The Week‘s headline on the story read, “Here comes the bride (with a baby attached to the train of her wedding dress?!)”

Carter-Brooks took to Facebook to defend her actions after some users called her walk down the aisle classless and dangerous.

A status she posted said “People questioning what we do, commenting all negative … Our 1 month old was awake and well secured on my train.”

3 thoughts on “Baby strapped to bride’s train

  1. Hell,believe down the road the kid will look back on that and smile,was a integral part of the ceremony.Is this different and not the norm,sure,but then,so what.

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