11 thoughts on “Backwoods Salem, MO 75 degrees 9am – Frozen Food to Nevada

  1. nice
    We had five weeks of Fall, now into winter. Spent half the morning shoveling snow. Getting ready to head back out…5 inches so far 🙁

    1. Ooof 5”!
      Keep that stuff in your State

      Well , I’m ready
      Fixed up the ol John Deere and the 4foot blower attachment
      So maybe I’ll get lucky and not get any snow
      Hahah yeah right
      Good luck with it Mary

        1. That last pic was a truck route Mary but I still didnt like it. The Interstate was 60 miles longer, but 20 minutes shorter, but you never really know, too many variables.

          This shit is dangerous man.

          We run onto this problem all the time, constant struggle, especially with reefer drivers(temp controlled) reason being we always pick up in the shit hole locations because we are always picking up in farming areas, no paved roads, hard to get to, more money but big problems, as you well know…

          So when ever i see a chance to save time, I have to roll the dice..

          I was given zero blame for last major problem I had from the DOT, because truck wasn’t even moving when incident happened, ground gave away..

          So onward I go, through the mud, and shit roads, friggen crazy ass shit man…

          You wouldn’t believe some of the places I’ve ended up in from a wrong turn, even with a $650.00 trucking GPS.

          I hate more than you’ll ever know leaving the interstate, but it has to happen, alot.

          Upside down is fun, ha!

          Oh, did I say low bridges and what to do if you run into one?

          Shit your pants is a good start. I’ve never run one, but I sure went through hell dealing with it.

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