Bank Of England Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

When markets break, nobody cares: after all central banks are there to protect everyone and remove all risk. But… what happens when a central bank fail? Just relesed by the BOE:

News Release – Statement from the Bank of England  

The Bank has been experiencing some technical IT problems today. There is no impact on critical payment and settlement services. Alternative procedures are in place where necessary. The Bank is acting to resolve these problems as soon as possible.

Is the Syrian electronic army finally getting amibitious and how long until FedLine/FedWire are in danger?

One thought on “Bank Of England Experiencing Technical Difficulties

  1. “Technical difficulties?”

    Looks like the RATthschilds are getting things lined up for that FALSE FLAG is coming to the USA, to be blamed on Syria/Iran so the war mongers can get back to killing people and the banks can do a sleight of hand to get rid of all that toxic derivative debt.

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