Truckers To Shut Down Facebook HQ To Protest Facebook Decision To Shutdown Viral Facebook Page

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Beforeitsnews has just received the following email from a reader who is reporting a call for a ‘convoy’ of truckers to shut down Facebook’s headquarters in California following Facebook’s unconstitutional shutting down of a ‘Truckers To Shut Down America’ facebook page, a page that had gone viral. Seeing that Facebook isn’t anything at all without Americans and its millions of users, including many truckers, is shutting down Facebook headquarters now the correct action to take? Several videos below share more on the truckers plans to shut down America in protest against the crimes of Barack Obama and the many criminals within the US government and to restore the United States Constitution including a video from Wild Bill For America.  


They are surrounded by the bay and there is only one way in. Lets close them down until they give us the original site back. Let’s not wimp out. Because of their location (see Google Earth 1601 Willow Rd Menlo Park, CA 9402) they are extremely vulnerable and need a rude awakening in my opinion. (Map to FB HQ below 1st video)

1601 Willow Rd Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States

The bigger issue is the unconstitutionality of what Facebook did
I suggest that all truckers on the west coast that can’t make it to DC go to this address and shut the place down for weeks as punishment starting right now. Facebook headquarters.

Facebook Headquarters is located here:

7 thoughts on “Truckers To Shut Down Facebook HQ To Protest Facebook Decision To Shutdown Viral Facebook Page

  1. Company drivers will probably keep on truckin. It’s the owner operators that will probably be the ones who protest. Most of the truckers talk a big talk, very few will follow through. Sad but true I’m afraid. It’s a money thing.

    I could be wrong, but being in the business for eight years, I feel I know what I’m talking about. Could happen though. You see if a company driver just pulls the truck over and gives the finger, he’s fired. That simple. If an owner operator does , it wouldn’t matter, he is his own boss. Roughly half of the trucks on the road are owner operators, enough to stop the economy in it’s tracks.

    Problem is, many of these are foreigners and could care less about America. This is what happens when you let wet backs into the country and give them jobs and a driver license.

    1. Like they say Mark, a employee is always just a employee and are easily replaceable, and there is always truckers thet would love to work for some trucking co. ….. Yes Mark the owner operators will probobly be the main ones

    2. Quite a few of the owner operators I know couldn’t afford to stop driving for a few days. This is in AU so I assume they are doing it tougher in the US.

      1. Depends on how they have been saving their money. The older drivers have a lot saved, as the younger would probably have a problem stopping for any long periods of time, and how big their families are ect.

  2. FakeBook is nothing more than a govt Intel gather resource. What did these gear jammers think would happen? Independents have choices; park & lock & miss rig payments or keep trucking. Commercial is another matter; back in the day I did see commercial rigs get sabotaged for breaking strikes. Truckers do anything like that now, Monkey King will use the Patriot Act to singe their short hairs.

  3. Gather up your “BALLS” & put the hammer down…….It doesn’t have to be just Truckers, bring your bike, motorcycle, boat, car, pickup, whatever, just bring it & make a statement!! Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

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