Bank Robber Shot By Concealed Carrying Customer In Michigan

Concealed Nation – by Brandon

WARREN, MICHIGAN — A quick thinking customer is credited with thwarting an armed bank robbery at a Citizens Bank on Monday.

The bank robber walked into the bank and announced the robbery. The 43-year-old took money from a teller and then pointed his gun at one of the customers.  

That customer then drew his concealed carry firearm and shot the robber, striking him in both arms and one leg.

“I live right behind the bank and I just heard all this commotion, and I saw a cop car come flying down, like flying down, my street and slam on his brakes. And I thought maybe there was an accident,” said Bromly Daves. “So I came out and I could see (the person who was shot) from my front porch laying on the ground, screaming. He was laying on his back, holding his leg and screaming his head off.”

The robber was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Our armed citizen is cooperating with police and is not expected to be facing any charges.

Another one for the good guy with a gun.

4 thoughts on “Bank Robber Shot By Concealed Carrying Customer In Michigan

  1. Yea, but what situation has forced this man into such desperate measures?

    Would anyone feel good about shooting the guy who robbed a bank in his desperation to pay his daughter’s medical bills – which are a LEGALIZED form of robbery?

    We’re going to see more and more of this, and unless I perceive a REAL threat, to anyone, I’m going to let whomever walk right by.

  2. If he was in a bank, how did he know which robber to shoot?

    If he really wanted to stop crime, he should could have pumped a few rounds into the bank manager’s chest, too.

  3. Had the robber not pointed the weapon at a specific customer, he may not have been shot. Certainly a lesson to future robbers. As much as I appreciate Gemini’s point, I doubt I’d ponder it while a weapon is being pointed at me. The robber is lucky. His marksman was either very good or somewhat poor. Either way, Mr Robber is still breathing.

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