Barbara Lee’s Press Release on Rise in the Unemployment Rate

Barbara Lee: With Unemployment Rate Still High, We Must Reject Drastic Republican Cuts to Programs That Help the Most Vulnerable and Needy Populations

June 3, 2011

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) released the following statement this morning in reaction to the May jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“While the overall economy may be showing signs of improvement, too many people are unable to find work and millions are still feeling a great deal of pain.  Clearly there is still much work to do to ensure that our economic recovery is felt in every community.  The national unemployment rate rose to 9.1%.  That number rises to 16.2% in the African-American community and 11.9% in the Hispanic community, both increases from last month.  And among teenagers, the unemployment rate is at 24%.

“This reality underscores the importance of the message that we relayed to the President yesterday at our White House meeting.  We outlined to the President that we cannot accept a budget that penalizes the most vulnerable and needy populations with drastic cuts to important programs like WIC, food stamps, and job training.  Republicans have yet to create a single job in the 5 months since they’ve taken control of the House, yet they want to cut these programs that assist the most vulnerable.  And they won’t even allow for a vote on the ‘99ers’ bill that I introduced with Congressman Bobby Scott to provide emergency aid for those who have exhausted their 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.

“The extreme Republican agenda of paying for tax cuts for millionaires and subsidies for oil companies on the backs of the low-income and the poor is hurting millions of people in a very real way.  This jobs report should serve as a stark reminder that Republicans need to work with us and get serious about creating jobs, fostering new economic opportunities and providing pathways out of poverty.”

No Barbara Lee, this is not what we want.  Stop trying to divide our people by race and age.  What you need to do is deport the 30 million illegals here working our jobs.  And don’t give us the false left-right paradigm – it’s the Republican’s fault – bullshit, because the traitors in our government lie out of both sides of their face.

I wondered what Barbara Lee’s response to the jobs report would be, now I know.  She is seeking to perpetuate the lie of a recovery to support that treasonous bastard Obama and push her social communism as the alternative to the neo-con Nazism.  No sale.  Pack your lies commie; you are going home in 2012.

God bless our great Republic, death to the international corporate mafia and their lapdogs, we the American people of the American race will have our Republic back under our Constitution.

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  1. In the middle of the great recession we actually have people that think we should cut all lifelines to the displaced workers, the poor and the eldery. And people are listening to this. It is a shame and is immoral. These are mostly young people that did not listen to the stories their parents had about the big one. They are ignorant, selfish and selfcentered. They are young and still feel they can make their way, I am elderly and have lost a great deal of my confidence in my abilities to compete with them. So, they want to crush us now because they know we are weak and old. WHAT A MISERABLE LOT OF POLITICIANS WE HAVE. We may be old and fragile but we still have the strength to aim and pull a trigger! GOD BLESS THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. They have gone to far and will regret it soon.

    1. I agree with your comment regarding the selfish “me” mentality of the younger generation. Not all, but too many think in this way. They seem void of any respect, compassion, loyalty or true understanding for those who have come before them, and who have paved the way for where they are today. I guess that’s one of the reasons they were chosen to replaced the older workers in the workforce. Because their little green fertile minds were ripe for the programming of those in positions to enforce their wicked values upon others . I’ve heard younger folks on several occassions say that they’ve become indifferent to the needs and suffering of others no matter what their circumstances may entail. As long as it does’nt involve them who cares. How sad they sound. Has our society succeeded in instilling this type of mentality in our future generations. Will they inhabit this planet filled with empty hearts and vacant souls? Only here to devour anyone or anything that stands in their way of progress. Well, I guess we have to look no further than the mindsets of our entertainment and news media, and our sordid politicians for the answer to that question. They are the ones setting the stage for this type of thinking. If I had my way I would take all of these young’ins out to the woodshed and give them forty wacks upside the head until they cried uncle. Then throw in an extra forty one for good measures. Case closed. Problem solved.

      1. Mizori-DC,
        This is what you get when you let the state raise your children in a daycare center. This is the trade-off the career moms made. I guess what I’m saying is, the blame’s on us. We weren’t there to take them out to the woodshed when they were children.

  2. good stuff!!! i’m sick & tierd of this bullshit game obama playing
    he got close to 90 percent of the african american vote
    & all we got back is spit right in our face!! the first black president my ass!!! I HOPE HE GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!

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