Unemployment Rate Raises to 9.1% – Barbara Lee Step Up and Push HR 589 for 99ers

Only 54,000 jobs created in May, the fake lie unemployment rate is up to 9.1%.  There are not enough products in all the turtle wax factories around the world to polish this turd, but Bloomberg had to try.  First they said the increasing unemployment is due to more people who had given up going out and looking for a job again.  No sale.

There has been a gross loss of jobs in just about every industry.  The filthy rich corporations are firing, not hiring.  On Bloomberg they said “Don’t look at the unemployment rate.”  They say we have created 2 million jobs, which they say is keeping us at an even keel with new people entering the job force from graduates, and get this, foreigners coming here to work on visas.

Let’s just say they are not the filthy liars they are.  That’s 2 million jobs in 5 months.  Each week of those 5 months we have been losing a minimum of 400,000 jobs.  That is over 8 million jobs gone.  So how is it that the unemployment rate is just at 9.1%?  Well I’ll tell you.

When this whole economic disaster began 400,000 workers a week were becoming unemployed and now every week 400,000 are becoming 99ers.  So even at not counting 8 million long term unemployed that have become 99ers in the last 5 months, the false unemployment rate has risen.

We have been saying it all along.  We are not only not gaining jobs in a recovery; we are in fact losing them faster in this depression.  And what answer do they offer us?  Cut Social Security.  Cut Medicare.  Cut food stamps and welfare.  Cut jobs from the public sector.  How about a QE3?  And of course further deregulate and cut taxes for the super elite.

You see now we have to do these things so the rich elite corporations will feel secure and invest the money they stole from us and create jobs.  You know, like when we had to give them those billions of dollars in tax cuts back in December so they would feel secure and start creating jobs. Oh yes, and I just heard we need more free trade agreements.  This, the corporate elite also need to feel secure.

Why don’t we cut the bullshit and call a spade a spade?  The rich have captured all the currency and are threatening to completely shut down our county unless we acquiesce to disarming and becoming their third world slaves.

Barbara Lee, you are preaching the Constitution now in your press release. Now is the time.  Take the podium.  Start screaming 99ers at the top of your lungs.  No excuse can be offered at this point in the ball game for this treasonous government not passing HR 589 and in reality a Tier 5 extension for at least a year, as they are saying it will be at least a year before any real recovery can be expected.

I just heard Stuart Varney saying that we have to open up our oil fields and let the filthy rich subsidized oil barons start drilling again, it is our only chance.  And I say yes.  Open up our oil fields, just as soon as we nationalize them and tell the oil barons to go to hell.  Start producing our oil at cost and selling gas to the American people for 25 cents a gallon.  This one act alone can stop the spiral down.

But this is not what they want.  This is just another excuse to transfer more money from the middle class and poor to the rich’s mountain of wealth.

Come on Barbara Lee.  As soon as the word stimulus and bailouts come out of their mouths, tell them if they are going to throw money away make it to the unemployed.  At least we will spend it in this country instead of funneling it to overseas accounts through the fraudulent stock market.

Every bad thing we have said was going to happen here at From the Trenches is happening.  The American people must rise up and rise up now.  If we fail to do so, what is this next winter going to be like?  Do the words, “Weimar Republic” ring any bells?

We must show our enemies our discontent and let them start worrying about making us feel secure.  And there is no way we can feel secure after finding out that the billion dollar economists have been lying through their teeth to put up a smoke screen to blind the people to the fact that the filthy rich elite are still stealing our resources and our future, hand over fist.

Our so called representatives are not only not arresting the filthy rich for their crimes and retrieving our wealth, but are in fact doing everything in their power to make it possible for the corporate elite mafia to steal the rest.  In fact they want to take the only bank accounts we have left that are still operating in the black (Social Security and Medicare) and hand them over to the corporations.  I guess so we can’t say they stole them.

People, things are deteriorating quickly.  We must act and act now.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. If there isn’t a tier 5 by now there probably won’t be. If they give 20 weeks the economy will still be the same in 20 weeks, finding a job will be no better or worse than right now. So why throw good money at bad prospects – to be nice? The government is not nice.

    The 99’ers are just a nuisance to society now. People who have jobs don’t care about 99’ers, they just care that they have money to spend.

    Stabenwhereisshenow and Lee did a great job of opening their mouth, but they did not roll up their sleeves.

    1. TroyComic,
      I disagree. The people I know that are still working are not spending frivolously. They are buying food, guns, and ammunition as they now know that they are next. And they do care about us because they know what we know and that is that it is going to take every American of the American race standing united to vanquish our enemies and recapture our wealth. When the time comes I promise you it is going to be us against them, and them are going to pay for the misery they have caused us.

  2. Not deteriorating fast enough for the rich elite bastards. This winter’s going to be colder than a well digger’s lunch bucket. People, act now, or we all freeze to death, or worse.

  3. Please Mrs. Lee help the 99ers. I am losing everything I own due to this current emplyment climate. I have been on countless interviews to no avail, at times I have to beg for a response from the interviewing manager. I can barely afford to drive with the gas prices.

    If you are reading this, Mrs. Lee or anyone in Congress, we the people are not looking for a hand out. We are simply looking for a lifeline to stay afloat, to put gas in our car and something meager in our stomachs. I have been working for my whole adult life since I was a sophomore in high school and I have never seen times like these. I am a fighter and will continue to stay positive and upbeat in such a frustrating and depressing situation.

    Please bring HR 589 to the floor and let so many people be recognized and helped. Don’t give up on us, I have not given up on this great nation of ours. I sincerely hope this plea is heard and taken with into consideration. Thank you.

      1. hey clark i was wondering what happened to you none of them are listening they could care less abought anyone but themselves there never going give another extension everybody should start realizing ive been leaving comments now a year and a half just like every one else here i dont even think they look at any of this or there laughing at it the only answer is revolution action speaks louder than words

        1. Hey Brian. I thought I’d give everybody a break from my daily raging against the machine. I’ve been reading the articles everyday, but I just kept my lips zipped. Today I couldn’t resist a couple comments. Henry gets my blood boiling with his stirring articles. It’s good to see that you’re still alive and well. Hang in there, brother !

          1. hangin in there the only good thing abought my situation i lost alot of weight and it’s not cold outside i dont know if congress knows or cares unemployment is 9.1 percent just have to say i live in connecticut laying off teachers social workers look for work and they tell me there getting layed off the very people im seeking help from there jobs are in jeopardy and the best is there going to let all the criminals out on the street who’s going to give them a job it’s been almost three years for me cant stand it homeless sucks im on the brink this country is a nightmare i see all the spanish bying everything up new cars where there was an american pizza joint is now a taco stand we have switched rolls with the illegal immagration they are the haves and now were the have nots

  4. With the numbers from May demonstrating we are not making progress something needs to be done. Waiting until election time for more “promises” is only going to make this year worse.

  5. I know it seems like they aren’t going to pass HR 589 or a tier 5, but don’t give up. As more and more people become 99ers the pressure to pass them will increase.

    I think any of us telling others to act is futile. And waiting for enough people to be posted on the list by geographic area will take too long. Someone out there has a contact at the EDD or something along those lines. What we need is a way to contact the unemployed in our own areas and start uniting. I know this seems like a long shot also, but it can be done. Maybe the thing to do is have a separate website that is strictly focused on locating the unemployed in your area, that way people know the exact purpose. We need to brainstorm ideas, this is not impossible.

    1. Kat,
      The answer is not to fragment, it has been hard enough to unite the 99ers without creating a thousand new sites. Though we have suggested in the past that at least each state should have a website.
      At some point in the ball game we are going to have to start treating this like what it is. A war. I think the problem of guts is more predominant than the problem of communication. I said back at Easter when no one went through with an Easter project that the problem wasn’t one of lack of ideas, but rather one of lack of backbone to carry them through. I also said that perhaps the 99ers will be ready for an Easter project next year after being starved through another winter.
      At any rate, doing anything is better than doing nothing, but tell me this, if we cannot organize more than 257 people in over six months, considering we have had 100s of thousands of unique visitors, how in the world are you going to find the people in your community to begin organizing? Am I missing something here?
      The majority of the 99ers aren’t hurting bad enough yet. They are still waiting for a knight to come riding up on a white charger and save them, requiring nothing more from them than their praise for doing so.
      The most success we are having is in educating. I believe the majority of the people in this country know what is going on and want it to change and are hoping it can be changed peacefully through the election process. I wish this were so but i doubt it. The bully on the playground generally does not cease taking your lunch money until you break his nose.
      At any rate we will certainly support your efforts here on From the Trenches if you want to try it. But personally I have found that trying to get people to do anything that requires the slightest risk, hell effort, is impossible at this early stage. If I could get the individuals together who are in the tent cities and on the streets and had the resources, something might get accomplished. But I believe that until we are bumping into each other in the mile long soup lines, well I guess we are just not desperate enough,

      1. I hadn’t thought of it like that, maybe it is that people aren’t desperate enough. Maybe they don’t want to do anything risky and it’s too early for them to think like that.

        I wasn’t suggesting different sites for different states. I was suggesting one site with the sole purpose of connecting us across the country, one area at at time. I think it’s impossible to unite a few hundred people across the country as far as taking real action. If I knew people in my area in the same boat I would start protesting. But me just going out there on the street by myself is laughable at best. If I knew of say even 50 people, you can have something significant with even 50 I think. Of course it’s not the same as hundreds, but people do stop and take notice.

        But I have a feeling you are exactly right, people just aren’t ready yet. Well if 400,000 are joining the ranks of the 99ers each week the time will come. Thank you Henry.

  6. It is now time to throw caution to the wind. To stop being passive in our approach to this horrific and inhumane treatment of us by the powers that be. We must ask ourselves why are we content with waiting endlessly on pins and needles for those in Congress to address this issue honestly. And, why are we giving them the power to decide when, where and what kind of quality of life we should have for ourselves. Is it not we who have been given the God given right for self determination.

    It has now become abundantly clear that they [Repubs, Dems, CBC, American 99ers Union, etc and the Oval Office] are doing nothing for us in any concrete way. Rather, they are doing everything in their power to put a stranglehold on any progress we might make; while blatanly in our faces courting the favors of other countries and ethnic groups and pushing the fast forward button on our demise. Too many of us are now on the fringes of barely surviving in a life we once knew. At times not knowing where to turn and how to combat this monster has been daunting and scary thought to bare. Truth is its been way past time for all of us to stand up and demand our rights for the much needed help for 99ers, the unemployed and underemployed in this country. And for us to damn well receive it with all apologies expected. If not, finding and/or getting an $8-$9 part-time job in the future working for Wal-Mart, etc. may require having a Ph.D, or at minimum having enough plastic surgery to make us appear 30+ years younger than we are to get around the age discrimination barrier. It seems the goal here is to make millions of us the “bum” that we see lying in the streets or in backdoor alley ways rumbling through trash cans with a cup in hand. You know the ones ignored or stepped over on our way to our good jobs, atm machines, nice homes, cars and loving families. The ones who were asking “brother can you lend me a hand.” It seems our day for a reality check is due to arrive very soon. It’s mission for success is more powerful than locomotive and faster than the sound of a speeding bullet. Time is not on our side for this one. And we can’t call on Superman to save us cause he died a long time ago. We have only ourselves to do that.

  7. Very well said Henry and Mizori, the time to act is now. I do not want to be that person that we see in the streets that we throw a blind eye to out of embarrassment for them, or moreover the embarrassment of ourselves avoiding having to recognize their existence due to our lost compassion for our own brothers and sisters. Yet, I am so close to this reality that it scares me. Where are our leaders to let this happen? Our voices must be heard. I will be calling my local politicians repeatedly in hopes to be heard. I encourage everyone to do the same. Henry can not create a movement on his own. I wish every 99er out there good luck in their job search and best wishes with their own struggles.

  8. The middle easterners and the Asians foreigners that come to work here under a free work visa have take 90% of the Engineering proffesional jobs from Americans!
    Enineering ,Electronic assembly Air craft enginnerin Mechanical engineering!
    This is and also out-sourcing is the reason American citizens are becoming homeless and cant find much work!

  9. I really can’t technically call myself a 99’er anymore since I’ve finally gotten a job (after 4 years of hit and miss temp jobs), but in my heart I’ll always be one of the forgotten. You can’t live as a 99’er for any period of time and suddenly lose that feeling. You’ve been there and know it can happen again at any time. I’ll continue the fight by educating anyone I can about the plight, right now I’m in the process of having t-shirts made up emphasizing 99’ers and unemployment which I intend to wear wherever a tv camera may be. With elections around the corner there should be ample opportunity to attend rallies etc. where the press and uninformed people are.

  10. I don’t see it passing because of people like this. I’m tired of people thinking we are sitting on our butts not trying to find a job. It’s time to clean up our government and take over people. I found it kind of funny today when the republicans were saying that Obama didn’t uphold the Constitution when he sent the air raid to Lybia. Where are they coming from. They don’t uphold the constitution in anyway or form. It states we the people. Not we the rich.
    I have included a website where these people don’t believe in SSI or unemployment. They feel that the 99er’s have gotten enough money from the government. Please respond and tell them how you feel about their views.


  11. Since the NC Governor has issued the EB for NC…does this qualify those who previously exhausted and/or the 99ers??

  12. I can’t STAND that crook Bloomberg. He’s jumped 8 spots on the Forbes list since becoming mayor of NYC, yet declares “The handouts are going to end!” If anyone’s gotten billions in handouts, it’s that crook.

  13. The ignorance of so many Americans “thinking” 99ers are bums are wrong and not remembering the children who are seriously affected. Several states 93 weeks.

    I live in my car with my children and because we are homeless, not entitled to food stamps. My child asked me if we should just crash the car and go to heaven together, as no one is there to help and our President was supposed to help his people, where is he? I told her I loved her through my tears and held her tightly.

    So before you preach, you need to look into the faces of children. Tell them how their parents who have served this country and worked for 20 years should not receive anything.

  14. O oblivious to the true state of the union.
    B blames everything on Bush.
    A act like I am a rock star.
    M mismanage everything I come in contact with (except my own finances).
    A add as much to my bank account as possible in so short a time.

  15. My unemployment has completely run out! I don’t have enough for this month’s mortgage. Tomorrow I have to apply for welfare. I want to work but so many people are applying for the little jobs there are. What’s anyone supposed to do. I’m hoping for just dumb luck at this point. I am behind 2 months on mortgage. At 55 this is not how I envisioned myself living. So much for the American dream.

    1. Michelle,
      Welcome to the jungle. It’s ugly here but be comforted in knowing that you are far from being alone.

  16. Can’t believe that America is not taking care of their own people….
    How come no one protest in the USA look around the world people do ….

  17. Isn’t it amazing how when the crappy unemployement numbers came out that all of a sudden they are all concerned (for the split second) about the economy?

    I still didn’t hear one politician or media outlet utter the words 99ers or those that will be at the end of this month.

    I for one keep up the fight daily and I do believe ppl will revolt in due time.

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