Barbara O’Neill – Part 5: Diabetes, a lifestyle disease

Published on Oct 17, 2017

Barbara O’Neill is an author, educator, qualified naturopath and nutritionist. In this lecture – the fifth in a series on the body’s ability to heal itself – she shows how diabetes can be caused and reversed by one’s lifestyle. These lectures were recorded in Invercargill, New Zealand.

7 thoughts on “Barbara O’Neill – Part 5: Diabetes, a lifestyle disease

  1. A lifetime of misery and pain, I got type 2 late in life, the pain is unforgiving and miserable, once you get the nerve damage. Your screwed..

    I’m on natural powders that really help, but still, I’m screwed.

    The truck is a mini apartment, everything I need except for showers and number 2 toilet. This I can deal with. A big house for me would be a nightmare.

    I say this because walking is big pain for me, need to keep everything close and easy, the truck in many ways is a blessing.

    1. Makes me angry for you, brother. They have victimized US in so many ways I can’t keep track and that is an assault on you. Beyond not cool and something else to put in my fightin for memory bank. So many things these psychopaths have unleashed upon US…

      1. All the GMO and sugar drinks I consumed reluctantly as a kid, finally caught up too me. Those bastards haven’t killed me yet!

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