7 thoughts on “Judge Kavanaugh: Concealed Carry is Not a Second Amendment Right

  1. Hmmmm?….The 2A has always been good enough for me, since its enumerated in our U.S Constitution as a God given right in its own wording. Its simply worded for a VERY good reason. Why should we have to PURCHASE a “Permit” from the state for a right? Of course, I qualify for such a “permit”, but this is a matter of principle & I accept the consequences if things slide sideways.

    Of course itll be a rough sideways slide for anybody seeking to take away yet another of my/our rights…

    My Organised Harassment/gangstalking operatives cooled down their actions a bit when I put the local network on notice what may happen if the cause stalking continued. Being armed when in public helped. Warning them via V2K/Synthetic telepathy, a technology that these pedo/deep state criminal/alphabet agencies & rings use to harass their intended targets 24/7 with near 100% plausible deniabilitaaaah-(US Patent #’s~4858612~4877027~3629521~6587729~ect~ect~ect)-

    Guess what?….~IT Stopped,Small island I live on-(Not the V2K/DirectedEnergyWeaponry attacks though)-

    2A IS THE “Line In The Sand” for many a person. All a “License” really is after all, is a bribe/payment to do something that is ALREADY illegal to do w/o first paying your coinage to the king in the 1st place. Im not gonna put myself in such a position for a Constitutional Right that finds its place @ the very top of the list-(or any other for that matter)-…;)

    Be well y’all….


  2. Judge Kavanaugh is right…

    I don’t need the second amendment to conceal.

    Because. .. I don’t need permission from anyone to conceal and shoot you in the fkn bawls.

    I have.. a great ida…

    Why don’t we just adopt Arizona’s gun laws nation wide.

    It would make our world a friendlier place.

  3. When his boss and proponent said “get the guns, first”, what EXACTLY did the idiot chump suckers THINK he meant?

    Couple that with the “patriot” act alone and there’s enough to literally hang them BOTH.

    Some people are just too stupid to share oxygen with and those that claim they want to be free, yet still support these a$$holes, are as guilty as antifa, adl, cops and freemasons.

  4. Does it really matter what this cuck thinks?
    Or any of them for that matter?

    I don’t need any of these bastards to tell me what I can or can’t do under the sun of my Bill of Rights

    Fck the whole bunch of them
    Because I’m not going to be RULED

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