Bastards of Freedom

Mother of Freedom she’s spread her legs to the seas and let lots of dirty things inside.

Lady of Liberty I’m afraid I see a naughty girl’s look in your eyes.

And I want to cry when we hang our heads and say our lady’s become so unclean.

My mother, it angers me, I see you there on your knees, you’re caught and I just can’t deny,

Mother, at my expense, you’ve lost your innocence and dirtied our family name.

I would have died for you, now you’ve proved untrue, you’re lost and I know who’s to blame.

I cared too much for me; I let my mother be exposed to a deadly disease.

It’s eating her pride away and now she can’t look at me as I bleed ‘neath the Liberty Tree.

9 thoughts on “Bastards of Freedom

      1. Hey Henry,I’ll bite Now keep in mind I am the slo child so here goes.What comes to mind is our founders warnings about the j-ws ,usuary and central banks that if we did not jealousy guard our freedoms(life liberty pursuit of property) we would wake up as slaves in the nation our fathers gave us.
        As far as the b%$#@h in the harbor,I never really cared for the “gift from france” inviting every unclean mutt in the world to enjoy OUR great nation,I will tell you strait up that the INSPIRED words of our founders MOVES ME each and every times I read their passionate words of freedom/

  1. I, too, never cared for that statue of so-called liberty. Since when did
    America need a bunch “wretched refuse”. Israel needs it more than
    America ever did. Time to relocate “wretched refuse”.

  2. That statue is a lie. It was created to foster the illusion of liberty. The face is a depiction of queen Semararis, the wife of Nimrod (tower of Babel). He was a tyrant, and definitely NOT favored by God.

    That torch is NOT a beacon of light welcoming the huddled masses. It is an Illuminati symbol, portraying the fact that they consider themselves to be the enlightened (illuminated) ones.

    I really HATE that statue, ever since discovering its true nature.

    If anything, you were too easy on her, Henry.

    1. Wouldn`t it be a good place for a hanging #1. It would be a good place to carry out the rope dance on some of those that need be hung eh.

  3. The Statue of Liberty with capital letters this time was a gift from France
    to commemorate the American Revolution not to honor “wretched refuse”.
    Then jew Lazarus sticks her poem on it written for jewish refugees.
    Seems its original meaning as been shamed.

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