Police Officer Threatens Mother With Jail For Trespasing While Picking Up Her Children At School

Published on May 8, 2013 by ThePiRaTeCoPy404

Police Officer Threatens Mother With Jail For Trespassing While Picking Up Her Children At Her Childrens School

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11 thoughts on “Police Officer Threatens Mother With Jail For Trespasing While Picking Up Her Children At School

  1. The alleged “police officer” is a lying douchbag, piece of trash, who has absolutely no authority to order anyone off of any property, school or otherwise, unless he is the owner of that property. The woman in the video was apparently there for good and sound reasons and may have recourse in the courts.

  2. Aww…..the poor little police officer is camera shy. Aww…………I’m afraid of cameras and will arrest you for trespassing on school property where your kid goes to school.

    I’m surprised he didn’t pull out the ridiculous Round Rock, TX arrest charge where they arrest people like me for “interference with a public servant” and charge you a $2000.00 extortion fee for doing absolutely nothing.

  3. Look at that pathetic cop waving his handcuffs around in a threatening manner. Are you kidding me? All you have to do is escort her out in a friendly manner. No need to do the abusive attitude and menacing your handcuffs on her. What’s next? Tasing?

  4. There seems to be some sort of unmentioned situation going on?The cops attitude notwithstanding, why didnt she break contact with him and go after she got her kid?
    These sort of underling officials cant be reasoned with once they mount their high horse.

  5. Bullies become police officers so that what they do is considered socially acceptable as voyeurs become photographers. Make sense?

  6. One has to ask oneself, why was she recording this? Not that she didn’t have every right to, but, she was recording the police before the “encounter”. Was she trying to document this situation because she knew she was treading on thin ice at this particular institution, regardless of her constitutional rights? Did she know in advance she was going to be confronted, maybe harassed, maybe even arrested? (the principal had already told her prior to taping, to leave)

    I find the officer’s behavior typical of what we are seeing across this Fascist Police State country and I think to myself, the school systems are gone, over the edge, not worth the time of day. If I had children, and I don’t, but if I did, NO WAY would I ask or make them attend this indoctrination center where they might be in the presence of these fascist pig officers AND, in many cases, communist teachers.

    Now maybe this women taking the pictures was doing her part to expose what most of us know, who read and watch these stories, that the reality of our present, corrupt system is out of control and we all need to do our part to turn things around. If that’s the case, her case, I applaud her for her courage and willingness to stand up against our foes. But truth be told, it’s getting to the point that one has to wonder why she (and her children), or anyone else for that matter, are directly subjecting themselves to this contagious infection running rampant in our public schools? There has to be a certain, underlying masochistic tendency, to allow this to happen to oneself, or loved ones. If one walks into the enemies den, expect some physical, mental and emotional damage to occur. Is it worth it, especially to mostly innocent children?

    1. EA, you seem to mean well, but we live in the United Slave States of America, and not everyone can afford to home school and still put dinner on the table, and only a very small proportion can afford private school. We have the right, indeed we should have every expectation that employees of public schools and public servants supported with tax dollars from the public should behave in a most respectful manner toward any member of the public, and schools are public property, therefore should be accessible to any parent at any time. These public employees and servants when conducting themselves in any disrespectful, intimidating, or threatening manner should be fired on the spot.

      1. Enbe, and I know you mean well too, but I must disagree in that one can afford NOT to home school. Why have children if one is sending them to an institution where one knows they are being disrespected, intimidated, threatened? The (ideal) schools that you described are either quickly disappearing or, have already disappeared. Why have children if one is giving them anything less than what they deserve? If a parent is up to their eyeballs in debt and can’t afford to home school, should the child suffer? I think one has to look at a bigger picture. One can have their cake and eat it too. It’s a matter of putting priorities in there rightful place and having the clarity, purpose and fortitude to make them so.

        Unfortunately, we live in a world where many parents, maybe not yourself, but many, use school as an opportunity to have some one baby sit their children while the parents aren’t necessarily energy efficient with their time. You see, for me, I chose NOT to have children. I didn’t want to find myself in a position where I couldn’t give them the best of my time and love. Selfish? Maybe. But at least I can say I’m (mostly) not a slave to the system. And that’s a choice I consciously made, that I can happily live with. I think if more Americans didn’t have children we might not be in the predicament that we, as a collective, find ourselves in.

        Public schools are no longer public, they are private. What goes on inside of them is no longer open to the public. Sadly, the minds of the young are being molded into a monster that won’t see itself until it’s too late. Brainwashing has totally infiltrated that system. To make sure one’s child’s brain remains somewhat fresh and alive, without a doubt, home schooling is the best option, in my opinion.

        1. “I think if more Americans didn’t have children we might not be in the predicament that we, as a collective, find ourselves in.”

          That statement violates every single human being’s right of self determination. It’s also pro Agenda 21 depopulation, and Bill Gates, who owns the controlling interest of Monsanto and funds the poisonous sterilizing vaccine pogroms forced by gunpoint on Africans, would agree with you.

          Where is your compassionate reasoning?

          What was it that Stefan Verstappen said about psychopaths? In paraphrase, that one of the clues about detecting one is that person believes he has the right to tell you what to do and relishes the power of controlling what you do.

          Yes, our public institutions are in a shambles, and if parents can afford it, home schooling or private schooling is the better alternative for the child at this time. But not everyone can afford that.

          It’s high time to rectify the problems in our public schools and other institutions. The mother’s video shown above was a brave step, and I respect her for it.

  7. Let’s get something straight, Enbe. My advocacy of “Home Schooling” is about as strong as it gets. Home schooling and “Agenda 21” are about as diametrically opposed to each other as they can possibly get. If you would have read my entire post and seen how it (the statement that you isolated) was taken out of context, you wouldn’t have said it “violates every single human being’s right of self determination”. I don’t buy it. In my opinion, IGNORANCE violates every single human beings right of self determination. How can an ignorant human being beneficially self determine their life, let alone, bring in children into this world? Yes, they can, but is that intelligent? If people are “poor” and “dumb”, should they be having 12 children? Well, yes, if entitlements allow a few thousand extra dollars to come in from the government to support their “problem” (maybe they aren’t so dumb after all).

    I suspect you took issue with my post because, just maybe, you’re lacking sufficient funds to support your family the way you (deep down) want to support them, and I pointed that out (which brought out your ire) by saying “too many children are brought into this world that don’t ultimately get what the need and deserve”.

    SO, if people had maybe one child instead of 4, maybe, just maybe, their lives would be less stressful, more harmonious, and abundant. None of which, has anything to do with Agenda 21, but just common sense? Then, with more available leisure time, since that don’t have to feed half a dozen mouths, they might have the time to homeschool one, or maybe two, children?

    The problem that creates this dilemma in America, both parents, or single parents have to work. Why? Well, maybe DEBT is the problem? And why did these parents get into debt? Why is debt the norm, today? Why are people overextended? Why can’t they give their children what all children deserve? Unconditional Love.

    Solution for keeping one’s child intelligent, clear, with an open attitude? Home School. A major solution for incorporating homeschooling as part of one’s life-style. Stay out of debt.

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