Belarus Votes to Change Constitution & Deploy Nuclear Weapons

Martin Armstrong

I do not know what to say anymore. Biden is mentally incompetent to lead the world no less the United States. He could not find a lifejacket on a sinking ship. Belarus has now voted to change its constitution and deploy nuclear weapons. China entered a new arrangement with North Korea and they shot off a missile test today.

Some emails have come in saying my posts that we are opening the door to World War III was an exaggeration, I am sorry if my sources are real and I do not engage in hyperbole. This Western Press is so incompetent and it is so up the Democrats’ ass, they will never see what they are doing is fanning the flames of war.

I am sorry, but our computer is NOT biased. It looks at all the world markets far beyond what any individual could possibly do. It takes all the data on everything from politics, wars, unrests, disease, and it comes out with forecasts that have been spot on. I do not even sell advertising on this site. It is totally free, nobody has to even register to read it, and it is a public service so I have no conflicts of interest in stating the forecasts as they are.

The year 2023 is off the charts! We even have Panic Cycles in gold. Our Directional Change in Crude Oil picked the change in trend in 2021 and the volatility was to begin this year and it builds into a Panic Cycle Year in 2025.

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