Benjamin Netanyahu presents Steve Scalise with Israel Defense Forces Paratroopers Brigade beret

Washington Examiner – by Naomi Lim

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave House Majority Whip Steve Scalise an Israel Defense Forces Paratroopers Brigade beret Tuesday to thank him for “standing with Israel.”

“I met today with bipartisan House leadership. Among them was House Maj. Whip @SteveScalise, who recently returned to Congress after he was shot and wounded last summer,” Netanyahu wrote on Twitter, along with a video of the exchange, which took place during the Israeli leader’s visit to Washington this week.  

“I presented him with an IDF Paratroopers Brigade beret as a tribute to his dedication to standing with Israel,” he continued.

Scalise, a congressman from Louisiana, was injured in June when a gunman opened fire with a rifle on Republican lawmakers practicing ahead of the annual congressional baseball game.

In the video, Scalise told Netanyahu his phone call after the incident inspired Scalise to “get out” of his hospital bed and continue his recovery from multiple surgeries for the bullet wound near his hip.

The pair then shared an embrace.

Scalise later thanked Netanyahu for the gesture on social media.

“I appreciate your friendship, and the bonds between the U.S. and Israel are unbreakable,” he tweeted.

Both Scalise and Netanyahu addressed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Tuesday.

Netanyahu also met with President Trump at the White House to discuss the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, Iran, and the Middle East peace plan.

One thought on “Benjamin Netanyahu presents Steve Scalise with Israel Defense Forces Paratroopers Brigade beret

  1. What a brave little “Christian”, marching as to war. Or at least marching the so called US military off to war. His beret is more real than the “shooting” but he is certainly worthy of wearing it as he represents its-not-real a whole heck of a lot more than US.

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