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Out of control, a nuclear experiment gone awry, radiation seeping out of the containment vessel becomes a cause for concern for the Obama propaganda team. Currently, damage control is the priority. But soon we expect a rescue mission. If not successful, the next step will be a clean up on aisle five. Right now the public relations battle is being lost. It is apparent that the administration ignores laws it sees as unjust, but enforces those that serves its cause. For instances, trying the Fort Hood Islamist killings as work place violence and on the other hand failure to prosecute the New Black Panther Party thugs for harassment; and secondly, the attempt to water-down our 2nd amendment right to bear arms.   

However, the irony here pertains to the 1st amendment, the Freedom of the Press. Click here for comments from Catholic online.

And there is more from American Action, this is a must read by any American concerned with freedom of the press.

And the the Economic Collapse Blog weighs in.

The Free Republic says the the Obama administration is buckling under its own hubris.

And from The Hill.

What trumps them all is Obama’s speech in 2012 on Freedom of the Press Day. “We call on all governments to protect the ability of journalists, bloggers, and dissidents to write and speak freely without retribution and to stop the use of travel bans and other indirect forms of censorship to suppress the exercise of these universal rights,”

That was complete non-sense as Obama blasted the Supreme Court Decision on Citizens United. And then sought to to launch a nationwide campaign to overturn it.

The bottom line here is two fold. One, the administration is against the Freedom of the Press when he is criticized but welcomes the use of it when it serves his progressive ambitions. And secondly, his stance for more gun control is to weaken the 1st Amendment by disarming the citizens. This will give his DHS the ammunition to incarcerate, harass and punish law abiding citizens of the United States. These are goon squad techniques repeated over and over by dictators past. Obama is one such dictator present. His words are meaningless, his actions are not.

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