Bilderberg Terrorist Organization Meets In June In UK At The Grove Hotel North Of London

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The terrorist organization known as The Bilderberg Group will be meeting in secret to plan the Earth’s demise from June 6th to June 9th, 2013 at The Grove luxury hotel north of London. The Bilderberg’s, who were recently outed as being behind the terrorist attacks in Europe and elsewhere in the world, have long since been protected by ‘globalist’ or ‘statist’ agents; however, the 2013 Bilderberg meeting may likely turn out differently with potential mass arrests taking place of the criminal cabal behind thousands if not millions of deaths across the world.  

Will military and law enforcement personnel take the steps necessary to see that this terrorist organization meets its’ downfall in June or will this criminal cabal and their crimes continue to be protected by fascist, globalist agents of the New World Order?

Confirming information gathered by veteran journalist Jim Tucker’s source, it appears almost certain that the secretive Bilderberg group will conduct its annual confab at the luxury Grove Hotel just outside Watford, UK from June 6 to June 9.

As we detailed in an April 2 report entitled Bilderberg 2013 Set To Take Place Near London?, Tucker’s source told him that the conference was likely to take place within 40 miles of London, with Watford located just 20 miles north of the capital.

Information obtained by London Guardian writer Charlie Skelton and the website pins down the Grove Hotel in the Hertfordshire countryside as being the site for a meeting which habitually attracts over a hundred influential power brokers from the spheres of business, banking, academia, politics and the media, yet comparatively little press attention.

“The whole hotel – including three restaurants, a luxury spa and walled garden – is completely booked out by a private group from the 5th to the 9th of June. This was first spotted by an Italian documentary maker who is an expert on Bilderberg,” according to the website.

Take a look at the calender for The Grove; it’s completely unavailable from Wednesday, June 5th to Sunday June 9th, 2013. Will June 2013 be the end for this criminal cabal and their acts of terror upon the world? The Grove certainly looks like a great place for mass arrests! Anyone who thinks that this criminal cabal is harmless hasn’t seen the video below.

2 thoughts on “Bilderberg Terrorist Organization Meets In June In UK At The Grove Hotel North Of London

  1. I was hoping that an American Patriot would have commandeered an Air Force plane and bombed the Bilderberg Meeting here in Virginia last year. Didn’t happen. Perhaps the Bilderbergs ordered the alCIAda to ‘cleanse’ the airspace overhead during the criminal cartel meetings.

    1. No doubt AJ will be present, bullhorn in hand, to dissuade them from carrying out their global enslavement agenda.

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