Bill Gates Largest Farmland Owner In These United States – And That’s A Big Commie Ass Problem

As I’m sure you all of you have heard, the Communist Jew loving pariah, not only wants billions of human beings to disappear dead, but now owns huge farmland holdings inside our country. How such a thing was allowed to happen goes to the root of our problems. This coward who by the way refuses to show his head and explain to all of us what the hell he plans to do with it. That should have been a condition upon this illegal communist transaction, because Americans are getting hungry.

Bill Gates, you have played games your entire life, you played us like fools while lying your way through the Microsoft debacle, and you have lied your way through the phony ass pandemic, and now you’re well underway to achieving gangster chiefdom with this puzzle piece you have checkmated us with.

Bill Gates, you and your wife are coming dangerously close to becoming Enemy #1. You had better come clean, and I mean goddamn Clorox disinfectant clean, on what and how you’re going to help Americans have a better life by you owning the lands that feed us. Because if you think you’re going to grow and hold to manipulate prices, to somehow enrich your traitorous ass, you would be dead wrong.

Those farm lands had better be raising millions of head of beef, pork turkey and chicken MTHRFKR, along with huge amounts of veggies and without price gouging, because you’re treading on our land, land you have stolen from us, understand Bill Gates?

Why are you hiding like a little girl under her mother’s dress sissy boy? Try and man up, step up to the mic MTHRFKR and get to telling us American Nationals how you’re going to help us from starving to death.

You are not going to defeat us, start talking commie boy.

6 thoughts on “Bill Gates Largest Farmland Owner In These United States – And That’s A Big Commie Ass Problem

  1. Gill Bates will never “come clean” and confess all his dastardly deeds. It’s clear that part of the end game is to control the food supply, and what better way to control the food supply than to own the largest amount of land it is grown on? Even if this Communist, genocidal psychopath has any crops grown on those fields, you can bet it will all be GMO crops treated with Glyphosate and other toxic chemical concoctions. You can also bet he’ll export a lot more than have anything grown go to the people here. Global poisoning and deaths from starvation here, two birds, one stone. That is how psychotic minds like his think.

  2. Bill Gates, A True Steaming Pile

    big break came in 1980, when IBM Corp. decided to move into personal computers and asked Microsoft to provide the operating system.

    Gates and company didn’t invent the operating system. To meet IBM’s needs, they spent $50,000 to buy one known as QDOS from another programmer, Tim Paterson. Eventually the product, refined by Microsoft — and renamed DOS, for Disk Operating System — became the core of IBM PCs and their clones, catapulting Microsoft into its dominant position in the PC industry.”

    Gates tried to fk over his partner Paul Allen, Allen beat him to the punch.

    1. That’s right

      So … we’re taking this land back
      And we’re not going to pay a cent for it
      He ( May ) have paid big money

      But , he’s a fool than
      Because it’s going to be ours … all of it

      Even the part we bury him in

  3. Just remember guys and gals
    Just like us
    You don’t own it , unless you can protect it


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