Bill Of Rights Becomes The Talk Of the Town

All of the sudden we now have long awaited big talk about our Bill of Rights. Personalities from every corner of the internet are now jumping into what has been the long awaited conversation. A conversation that was brought forth long ago by the Trenches World Reports own, Henry Shivley. Almost 10 years ago FTTWR was born, as Henry Shivley went to work.

It’s been a long hard road for Henry, he started this fight to wake everybody up, as our lives were becoming more entrenched with communism by the day. He saw it coming and raised hell, back then he needed help, I gave him that help by way of an antenna, transmitter and at times an article, more than happy to join the fight. 

What we are seeing now is what Henry’s instincts told him would happen, people would wake the hell up, they had to; Henry’s voice was just too loud and too strong.

Back then people were afraid to take the fight on, talking about the Bill of Rights was taboo, not a very popular topic, hell most didn’t even know what the Bill of Rights was. Now we have a bunch of experts, talking the talk while walking the walk.

It’s been a pleasure to witness the struggle with Henry, as the fight is undoubtably a righteous one. Many of the long time members of our site have contributed over the years, helping to build our site with fantastic comments also calling into the show with great participation knowing one day people would wake the hell up.

Henry and Laura Shivley and their 4 sons have helped change the landscape as the Bill of Rights has a new meaning because of their hard work, along with all of us, we have made good progress. Nothing could be more satisfying as we see new faces and new commentary flood You Tube and other venues.

From the Trenches World Report was the leader in changing the landscape, it been a pleasure to be part of that as I’m sure all of you fantastic people who have helped grow our great site surely must agree.

Over the years Henry had had unbelievable brave souls help anchor his show, some extremely intelligent. We miss those days and look forward to many more to come.

So when you hear new voices come to light on You Tube and the idiot box ramble on about our Bill of Rights and how those cherished articles must be reinforced, remember who led the way, and understand there is still a long way to go.

God bless the republic and God bless our beloved Bill of Rights.

28 thoughts on “Bill Of Rights Becomes The Talk Of the Town

  1. I can’t fully express my appreciation for all the learning of the Bill of Rights that has gone on here. Public school sure doesn’t teach it. It gets mentioned, but not studied.
    Thanks to you all, but thanks to Henry and Laura a bit more!

  2. Mark, I also noticed that the talk on The Bill of Rights has been popping up in a lot of places. Seems the truth is slowly seeping out. And any journalist who wants to remain relevant MUST go there. Let’s hope all coverage comes in uncorrupted by distorted interpretation.

    What you wrote really needed to be said, Mark, and you said it beautifully and from the heart. Will add that I’m so glad the archives are there, a testament to Henry and Laura’s work. It will be the foundation of life to come when we remove the tyrants.

    And I’m grateful to you for standing so long in support of this great effort. Any who does so is helping to insure his or her own freedom and the freedom of generations to come. There is no more important work anywhere and I am glad to be a part of it.


    1. You guys stood strong with Henry, every damn one of you, still are and always will, incredible stuff from incredible people.

  3. I’m noticing the effects of his work since I started listening almost a year ago. People are really starting to buck this corporate usurpation of our country and ask the right questions. Mainly where the hell our my individual liberties and why aren’t they being constantly attacked and undermined? There is real power in realizing the truth and fully understanding what real individual freedom is about.

    1. Indeed, EoS. May God bless them with the fruits of their labor, They deserve it. Everyone here at FTTWR who is and has been willing to speak out, despite the price WE sometimes have paid, also deserves to see it come to fruition. And a big hear! hear! to Mark for saying the things that sometimes others who are not familiar with FTTWR may need to see to understand the origin, direction and mission statement of what the Shivley clan’s aim is.

      If you are new here and unfamiliar with the Bill of Rights, and have a desire to learn how free you are supposed to be and are sick and F’g tired of watching the criminal occupying enemy govt in place step all over you and your natural human rights, you have come to the right place to understand what it is to be an AMERICAN NATIONAL.

      YOU are NOT a SUBJECT and you are NOT a SLAVE. THEY work for and are to represent YOU and have committed TREASON in the highest degree and are deserving of the punishment that FITS.

      Your Bill of Rights as an American National is what makes you AMERICAN. It’s not a G’d flag, a G’d song, a F’g uniform worn by those who serve the international regime that usurp US DAILY by their existence alone.

      F all that, they’ve desecrated and bastardized their meaning and used their symbolism to lead you BLINDLY to continue to garner your support for them. Your every “vote” is an act of support for the enemy and YOU are responsible for that, so if you’ve come to support a D, an R, an I, or ANYONE else that a criminal occupying force props up to placate you, you are DEFINITELY in the WRONG place.

      ANY solution offered to you WITHOUT removing them by force is ONLY another attempt to remain in power and will yield you the same results, so put a F’g sock in it if that’s your feeble-minded answer on how to change a zionist cabal responsible for the murders of over 100,000,000 people in the last century, alone.

      That having been said, WELCOME!, if you’re in your right mind and want the truth and freedom, but piss off and move down range if you feel like aiding and abetting the enemy of the American National.

      1. Martist, if I was new to this site and read your comment, I’d be hooked. Thanks for speaking plainly and forcefully.

          1. Thank you, mary! WE are in good company:-) Very fortunate to have a venue for such an important goal that has not been compromised like SO many others! Very few, if any, have my faith or trust, but Henry and Co. are unwavering.

        1. Thank you very much, Katie! Sometimes I have a desire to ham fist my thoughts on to the keyboard and they sometimes come out intelligible, but regarding this site and its purpose, I like to be crystal clear. Yeah, I have a potty mouth sometimes, and it’s because I guess I am a bit of an eleutheromaniac, but I suppose there are worse things to suffer from!
          Besides that, maybe I am angry? And if you aren’t MAD AS HELL, you’re not paying attention!!! (not you specifically, dear) 🙂

          1. eleutheromaniac “Having a passionate mania for freedom.”

            Had to look it up; NICE word.

            How can one not be angry!?

            Again, great comment!

      2. Thank you, Martist. Yes, “eleutheromaniac!!” Great new word. I hope I can learn to pronounce it.

        And yes, I get so sick of hearing broadcasters say, “We want to resolve this peacefully; we don’t want any violence.” Can you imagine Sam Adams sayin’ that to Patrick Henry? Ha! That’s like sayin’, “Okay boys, sit back; they still haven’t gotten all of our rights.”

        Thanks for making it clear that we are done playin’ nice. We are overcome with eleutheromania and it is completely incurable.


        1. Yep, that’s what I am talking about. Their suggestions and solutions are ALWAYS about civil war and such, talks of US killing each OTHER. NEVER about taking THEM out! That’s how you KNOW that is the answer.

          And damn skippy about sitting back. We’ll all have plenty of time for that some other sunny day. Work to be done. Chop! Chop! 🙂

  4. “God bless the republic and God bless our beloved Bill of Rights.”
    I could not agree more, and thank you Henry and all trenchers

  5. You will never see any main stream media asking to interview Henry because the International Corporate Mafia doesn’t want anyone waking up. They have become so arrogant over the last few years that they don’t even try to hide their dastardly deeds anymore. In fact, they boast about them all the time! They’ve even begun to announce their next crimes before they come to pass. The thing is, the Trenches has been a beacon of light piercing the darkness, and people are starting to get sick of getting screwed by stumbling along in the darkness so they’re finally starting to ask the right questions. As Henry said though, words alone will never restore the Republic, like the first Revolution, it will be fought for and won with the blood of American Nationals. Make no mistake, it will happen! The Bill of Rights has been there from the beginning, people just need to remember that it has to be enforced as Law.

  6. thanks Mark, this site is absolutely critical to the ‘re’ founding of OUR LAW
    excellent comments above

    Henry’s awesome CD (soon to be a collector’s item 🙂 ): Bill of Rights/ Common Law Explained is a great way to spread the word without saying anything….just hand them out or leave them in conspicuous places

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