Bill of Rights Day

Bill of Rights Day is December 15th. That’s just two weeks away. Got me considering how some could expand on it, bring more attention to it, to our Bill of Rights that the fake powers so desperately try to hide and ignore. They know it’s The Supreme Law of Our Land and if that gets out, they’re sunk, because they have tried to trample it in every way possible.

Thinking, thinking. Maybe printing thousands of flyers:

People could also call into talk shows and ask: “Hey, are you celebrating Bill of Rights Day?” This could open a door for explaining our natural-born rights and where they are written down. Or those who comment on Internet sites could flood the comment section with blurbs about The 10 Articles.

I know we have to fight, and these are meager efforts I suggest, yet I believe we are still reaching people and getting them on-board with the grand notion of living free. And what harm can it do to bring more awareness to our Bill of Rights? In many (not all) cases something is certainly better than nothing and who knows what spark of righteous anger may be ignited?

December 15th is so much bigger than Black Friday, and look at all the attention that got. I say ALL media outlets are here and now pressed to add to the celebration of Bill of Rights Day by mentioning its importance and urgency. All broadcasters and journalists on the Internet, or radio, or t.v., or in printed material—-> if you do not do this you are revealed as a gate-keeper TRAITOR destined for The Ninth Circle, compliments of those who’ll risk it all to live free.

DECEMBER 15TH!! Mark it down.

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