Black Swan? 31M ac Unplanted. $65 hay bales in Ohio.

Published on Jun 5, 2019

$65 hay bales in Ohio and 31 MILLION unplanted acres of corn in the US are a testament: we are witnessing massive blows to modern agriculture. 80% Raspberry Crop Lost in Serbia to snow/hail. Media stories referencing the cooling are disappearing down the memory hole even as the FDA and EU change their definition of food expiration dates. Start building communities around resilient and regenerative agriculture NOW.

5 thoughts on “Black Swan? 31M ac Unplanted. $65 hay bales in Ohio.

      1. They were small bales of hay the lady that owns the auction that sells the bails every month said price in May was 5.00 each April 6.00 they normally have around 400 to auction in Jun 1 they only had maybe 10. People panicked price went to 65.00 each

  1. Farmers go bankrupt so that the Jew bankers can steal the land and sell it off to the Jew corporations for pennies on the dollar while the Jew commodity traders make a killing off the price spike.

  2. Food prices are spiraling upward and African Swine Fever is creating meat shortages over a lot of the world. redictions are two to twenty years to recover if it is stopped. Food insecurity and poverty are about to overwhelm many societies.

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