Blast Hits Damascus City Centre

Published on May 1, 2013 by NTDTV

The Syrian government blames rebels for a bombing that killed at least 13 people on one of the main streets of the Syrian capital.

Full Story:

Chaos on the streets of Damascus after a bomb detonates on a main road in the Syrian capital.

The target was not immediately clear, but the blast exploded near the former Interior Ministry building.

State-run Suriya television reported at least 13 killed and 70 injured.

The British-based Syrian Observatory said nine civilians and three security personnel had been killed, but anticipated that the death toll would rise.

Pro-government channel, al-Ikhbariya, broadcast instrumental music over images of bloody streets.

Amateur video that cannot be verified by Reuters purportedly showed smoke rising above the city caused by the bombing.

The interior minister blamed rebels, saying the attack was a response to recent gains by the Syrian army around the city centre.

He also claimed the U.S. and Israel were directing the group behind the attack, which came a day after the prime minister survived an assault on his convoy.

As the smoke cleared, some gathered on the street, chanting in support of President Bashar al-Assad.

Syria’s civil war, which started two years ago with protests to oust Assad, has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

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3 thoughts on “Blast Hits Damascus City Centre

  1. the only way this Syrian BOservatory “free” outlet can have total accuracy- as they imply- is if they are getting numbers directly from the perps at the scene who did it

  2. The West should really hang its head in shame for backing
    alQaeda.. But common sense tells us that it has no shame..
    It kills innocent people, commits war crimes and the most
    disheartening part in all of this is that the rest of the world
    stays mute, except for Russia…

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