NYPD: ‘Landing Gear Found Between Two Buildings Confirmed to be From 9/11 Highjacked Aircraft’

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A 255 pound metal piece which officials say is landing gear from the 9/11 attacks, has been removed after an NYPD investigation of an alleyway in New York City Tuesday.

NEW YORK CITY — Investigators left no stone unturned as the investigated an alleyway Tuesday that had been blocked off and secured since last week in light of a new discovery. According to officials the jagged looking piece of equipment is indeed connected to the attacks that took place on September 11, 2001.  

Although this has raised concern from the local community as some have even speculated that the equipment was planted.

A full search of the alley turned up no human remains authorities said.







6 thoughts on “NYPD: ‘Landing Gear Found Between Two Buildings Confirmed to be From 9/11 Highjacked Aircraft’

  1. actually, they said it was from the same type of plane allegedly used in 9/11. in reality, it is from Orville Wrights plane as evidenced by the high-tech rope used to lower the landing gear 😉

  2. I read another story (I’d provide the link if I remembered where) claiming that this was only identified by part number, proving that it came from a 767, but not necessarily the one used on 9-11, so I’m not sure the verdict is in on this particular piece of wreckage.

    1. There was a half eaten Chris Christie ham sandwich laying right next to it. Kidding of course….

  3. I recall a story from late last year where Larry Silverstein was supposedly taking the two airlines to court seeking further damages for airline negligence. Supposedly, the insurance companies paid out years ago. Discovery showed evidence of fraud on both sides and I’ve heard nothing since. Has anyone out there heard anything of it lately?

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