Blizzard alert: Northeast snowstorm could be among the worst of all time

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February 8, 2013 – BOSTON, MA – A crippling and potentially historic winter storm barreled toward the Northeast on Thursday, threatening tens of millions of people with 2 feet of snow.

Boston canceled school and braced for one of its worst blizzards of all time. Airlines encouraged fliers to change their plans and get out of the way. There were already delays of more than two hours at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, where tangles can snarl air traffic across the country, and hundreds of flights were canceled.

The culprits were a so-called clipper system moving through the Upper Midwest and a low-pressure system headed for the waters off New England. When they converge, probably late Friday, they are expected to sock the region with its heaviest snow in at least two years, and perhaps much longer.

“When this hits, it’s going to come down very hard,” said Tom Niziol, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel. “This is something we haven’t seen in a while, particularly in New England.”

The National Weather Service put the New York City area and Long Island under a blizzard warning and said those areas could get more than a foot of snow.

Earlier in the day, the weather service warned that travel in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island could become nearly impossible.

Forecasts called for as much as 9 inches of snow across central Michigan, a foot and a half in the Hudson Valley region of New York, and 2 feet or more across coastal New England.

Possible hurricane-force winds off Massachusetts and Rhode Island also made flooding a threat.

In Boston, the storm had the potential to take out century-old records. The city’s biggest snowstorms since 1892 were a 27.5-inch blast in February 2003 and a 27.1-inch dumping exactly 35 years ago, in 1978.

Mayor Thomas Menino closed city schools for Friday and pleaded for common sense. Millions of Americans brace for a massive storm that threatens to pummel the Northeast and dump more than 2 feet of snow on parts of New England.

TODAY’s Al Roker shows which areas of the North and Northeast will be hit by snow, wind gusts and coastal flooding.  Stay off the streets of our city,” he said. “Basically, stay home.” for survivors of Hurricane Sandy, including thousands of people still displaced and many more with disrupted lives, it was more serious. A much smaller snowstorm followed Sandy in late October.

“People were just miserable, unhappy, and it started to get cold,” Annie Petraro of Long Island told NBC New York. “Things just weren’t good. And now it’s freezing, it’s gonna snow.”

The Long Island Power Authority, which was strongly criticized for a slow response to the hurricane, said that it was planning for this one and making sure it had enough people working and enough supplies.

More than 130 flights into and out of O’Hare were canceled Thursday, and more than 70 were already canceled for Friday, according to More than 400 flights into and out of Newark Liberty International Airport were canceled for Friday, as were 100 for Boston Logan. –NBC


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  1. just another chapter in the book to remove the undesireable eaters from the population. This is all falling into place so perfectly that it could only authored by the govt. and HAARP programs and I think they know it. All my best to you guys in the path of this. I don`t know how you guys are handling this as well as ya`ll are that are still living in shelters and tent cities. Damn this govt., Cuomo, Bloomberg, and that other fat boy Chris Crissy or what ever he calls himself.

  2. I figured this was going to be really bad, since they left early from our corporate office in New York today.

    Can’t remember that ever happening before.

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