BLM Conference on the Bundy Situation

The BLM is holding a press conference regarding the Bundy situation today.

It was originally scheduled for 3:00 pm Pacific but they, the BLM, just moved the press conference back 2 hours to 5:00 pm Pacific.  That would be 8:00 pm Eastern.

Call in Number: 1-800-369-1610

Pass Code: 3666648

2 thoughts on “BLM Conference on the Bundy Situation

  1. It does remind me of Ruby Ridge, with the same Eric Holder involvement. At that time Eric was Clintons AG Assistant AG at the time, But Eric Holder was the man behind the Assault, but knowing Eric Holder, he would deny it just like he will deny having anything to do with the possible Assault on Bundy’s Ranch. All this BS is really starting to make me feel like, America We CAN’T Allow E. Holder to get away with this, and if he insist, then we need to find away to get in to help Bundy and his Wife. I just Pray that God will be on Mr. Bundy’s side, and by saying that, God will convict Eric Holder to the point that he will not be able to comprehend what is happening until he calls of his Bandits. What is happening to the Bundy’s is wrong, and they (Eric Holder) know it, along with his Bandits.

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