Bodycam shooting: Cop Tyler Stewart’s murder filmed by his own body camera

Published on Jan 15, 2015 by TomoNews US

Unsettling lapel camera video shows the moment Tyler Stewart, a 24-year-old rookie officer with the Flagstaff Police Department in Arizona, was shot dead at point blank range on December 27 by a man he had been chatting with amiably just seconds before. Stewart had been on the force less than a year.

Following media requests, Flagstaff PD has released video from the the dead officer’s camera. An edited extract has been made available to the public.

At 1.30 p.m. and Officer Stewart visited the home of 28-year-old Robert Smith, having been given directions to the house on West Clay Avenue by Smith’s girlfriend. At roughly 11 a.m. that day, the woman, unnamed in media reports, had called police to report a violent argument with Smith.

The video shows the Officer Stewart and Smith talk briefly in the doorway before Stewart walks back into a room and reemerges with his hands in his pockets. Stewart did not know Smith was now concealing a .22 calibre revolver.

After a discussion about the reasons for the callout, Stewart asks to frisk Smith. At that moment, Smith pulls the weapon from a pocket and fired on Stewart six times. Four shot struck Stewart in the head and one in the back.

Audio from the lapel camera records a seventh and final gunshot nine seconds after the attack. Police would soon discover this bullet was fired from Stewart’s service weapon by Smith to take his own life.

Police have no motive for Stewart’s killing. Sgt. Margaret Bentzen told the Arizona Daily Sun. “There were no homicidal or suicidal indications from Smith prior to the crime.”

4 thoughts on “Bodycam shooting: Cop Tyler Stewart’s murder filmed by his own body camera

  1. BS….I’m not going to believe any computer generated cartoon because the video is “too graphic”, especially since that’s their usual excuse for lying to us while they hide real evidence. Sandy Hook was too graphic too, and now we know it never happened (for ONE example)

    We’re not children. We can watch graphic video, and until I see it, my guess is that the pig started abusing the guy who then defended himself, because my experience tells me that they only hide the video when they’re lying.

    Like the article states, he had no motive for killing this cop, unless the video footage reveals one they’re not showing us.

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