Boston Black Ops Operatives

Published on Apr 17, 2013 by roypotterqa

Independent investigators uncover the government operatives involved in executing the Marathon bombing. Other information I present shows the desperation of opposing elements in our government at war with each other, and the American People.

6 thoughts on “Boston Black Ops Operatives

  1. U.S. Code, Section 2656f(d) defines terrorism as “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.”
    Sayanims, mossad, craft international and the Boston Bomb Squad knew all along – and it wasn’t the average American patriot. And since Big Sis has bought up all the bullets it needs, it is a good false flag to legislate against letting American patriots buy black powder to make their own bullets. Geez, when is this crap about stealing liberty gonna stop?

    1. so are you saying what this man says is wrong, go to his youtube channel, and watch his videos, ill put his knowledge of military operations and history against yours or anyone else’s any day o the week and twice on sunday, try closing your mouth and opening your ears for once, he is fighting for you.

      You should refrain from making stupid uninformed DISTRACTING irrelavant comments especially when the post has been SENT AND VERIFIED BY me a man who has studied this overthrow for the last 15YEARS. I dont spread unverified nonsense as i am not affiliated with CNN,FOX or any of the other J-W owned media.

    3. @strayhorse
      regarding …Sayanims, mossad, craft international and the Boston Bomb Squad …

      If your intent is to limit the probable perp group list, might be better to say, and more factual to state it like this:
      ” … Criminal elements within the ranks if sayanims, mossad, craft international and the Boston Bomb Squad ….”

      Very few associated with those groups have the necessary set of dark ethics, and size queen anxiety levels to do what what done.

      Distrust is manufactured by intent. The establishment does care what ones particular fear group is. To the establishment hating a Jew is just as useful to their purpose as hating a Muslim. Hating a cop. Black people. Yellow frogs. It is only important that we have a well condition fear / hate sweet spot Allows us to be divided into smaller and smaller easier to manage demographic tribes.

      Either all those dogs at the finish line were nose dead, or the unusually high ratio of security guards must have all been Helen Keller’s. They only way bombs could have been set at the finish line would require either stooge guards with dead nose dogs allowing someone to set or install it, or, since it was a bomb drill, someone in the custodial chain of the simulated bombs switched them for the real thing (think thats it).

      Iraqis reported that after they had registered at a US Army Intelligence annex for permits, that when they got back in their car and had traveled some distance, they noticed their cars handled like they were “back heavy” and helicopters following, and then, smoke coming from the trunk. The UK recently apologized for OAS false flags in Basra. But that doesn’t mean the everyone in those organizations is infect by dark ethic.

      Look at how things are the same. Rely more on comparison than contrast, or how shit is different. Don’t limit your assessment.

      You can bet the perps have layers of dis-info, deceptions and patsies.

      The easiest play would have been to assure the drill participants the bombs were dummy devices.

      No one has even came up with a when or how or where. The finish line was saturated with security guards and dogs. All of them could have been duped into thinking it was a drill and that the bombs were duds. Don’t know how it got by the dogs – government waste (again).

  2. Breaking Boston……get the word out to water town and surrounding areas. Residents on “lockdown” will be “evacuated” to FEMA camps for door to door search. Guns, cash, weapons and ammo will be gone. Preppers will be identified as potential “terrorists”, food rations seized. PETS WILL DIE due to length of owner absence, if ever permitted to leave FEMA camps. Advice: REFUSE TO “EVACUATE”
    In “shootout” how could one (dead) suspect have so many bullet wounds emergency care doc said unable to count number of gunshot wounds while other suspect escaped without a scratch?? Ya gotta ask yourself!

  3. yiddish theatre….

    a riddle inside an enigma…

    start with the big elephants…The “Jewish” state…the MEDIA…the


    is America home to the THREE MONKEY STATUE …?

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