8 thoughts on “FBI Press Conference on Boston Bombing

  1. “For clarity, these images should be the only ones, I emphasize the ONLY ones that the public should view to assist us. Other photos should not be deemed credible and they unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction and create undo work for vital law enforcement resources. For more than one hundred years the FBI has allowed the public to be its eyes and ears.”

    WOW! Have you ever heard a line of cowardly bullshit in your entire life. These guys are so scared of WE THE PEOPLE, it’s hilarious.

    This goes to show you that they know the people don’t believe their narrative and are trying to hold it together by telling the public to follow this completely ridiculous red herring and then butter up the public by saying they helped them so much and now need their help after all the times that they were too good for the public’s help and snubbed them.

    WOW! This is just pure proof that we are winning and the Communist government is losing the battle and the war. It’s all falling apart on them and they are desperately trying to make up a story to cover for themselves.

    These two schmucks that you see in the photos are simply two people that they picked out of a crowd somewhere and said, “We’ll use them as a patsy”. To even think that these two had ANYTHING to do with it is absolutely ridiculous.

    Hey, how about them Blackwater/Military ops and Mossad agents you had there in black jackets and khaki pants and with the special ops emblem. They looked suspicious. What? They don’t matter? How come? Is your narrative falling apart on you? AAWWWWWW….Let’s have a pity party for the FBI and our Communist government.

    Hey, everybody. 1…2….3..AAAAaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww……………..

    Are you afraid of the Zionists? Are you letting a bunch of Jews from Israel control you and tell you what to do? And you call yourselves Americans?

    Our government is so pathetic. LOSERS! Pack up your bags and go home. You aren’t worth the taxpayers money we give you. Go home or hang yourselves for treason, you sorry excuse for law enforcement.

    1. Hey N C ,Remember that goofy cop Lt. from the mass.state police that spouted that same line of desperate B S YOU WILL ONLY BELIEVE WHAT WE SAY AND TELL YOU TO BELIEVE.all other info is wrong you will listen to us and only us. Then he had the nerve to threaten charges against all other free speech point of view. They are truly some pitifull wastes of skin.

      1. Yep, like Sandy Hoax all over again. Trying to cover up their mess. Obama’s administration screws up every operation it implements. Honestly, his administration is so incompetent that it could F**K up a one car funeral.

        Every false flag operation he does turns to shit from the get-go. He should just give up while he has the chance. He’s only digging a deeper grave for himself.

        Next time we should all just throw tomatoes in his face. Of course, I’d feel sorry for wasting those tomatoes, especially when the unemployment is so high and there are hungry people in America.

        Wait! I got it! Let’s do what they did to Bush Jr. and give him the shoe! That seems to work every time. lol

  2. Hahahaaha! Even the reporters don’t take this weasel’s statement seriously and mentions NY Post’s photos and he says, “Again, I think I made that statement clearly in my statement in that these are the only men we are interested in at this time.”

    Hey let’s pick out two people out of the crowd. YEAH! Those two look good. Let’s pick them. Ok, scrap everybody else. These guys are definitely the ones. Not the guys with the khakis and the black backpacks or the special ops hats or the rest of the guys or the Mossad agents. No no no….look this way folks.

    Yes, we saw him planting a bomb just before the explosion but we don’t have the photo or video footage to prove it, but take my word for it, IT’S HIM!!! IT’S THE GUY WITH THE WHITE HAT!!

    Can you believe this shit? Yes we saw Osama Bin Laden get killed but the images are too gruesome to show, so we can’t show them, nor can we show footage of us dumping his body in the ocean, but just trust me, it’s him.

    Really? After all of their lies and false information they have had in the past and they expect us to believe them just on their word? Man, they are pathetic.

    Just look at how fast the guy leaves the room after the one reporter asked him about the other photos from NY Post. He knows he’s wrong and he was just finding an excuse to get the hell out of there without getting killed. Look at how the woman just happened to come up at the right time as if on cue and tell everyone that he has to go. Talk about a bunch of scared cowards.

    They’ve lost all credibility. Plain and simple. WE THE PEOPLE are walking all over them and they know it. We refuse to take their lies anymore and they know it.


    1. Yea, I sent that in to Henry earlier, but he didn’t seem to post it. Don’t know what to say about that. Red Herrings everywhere with this thing.

      All I know is that there were definitely Mossad agents and special ops there and the government is not talking about them and clearly trying to cover it up and that’s what matters at this point and notice how the FBI refuses to even acknowledge or say anything about those photos as if they are scared, being blackmailed or told not to. It’s such a blatant cover-up by the FBI, the Israeli Mossad and the Communist government.

  3. Breaking Boston……get the word out to water town and surrounding areas. Residents on “lockdown” will be “evacuated” to FEMA camps for door to door search. Guns, cash, weapons and ammo will be gone. Preppers will be identified as potential “terrorists”, food rations seized. PETS WILL DIE due to length of owner absence, if ever permitted to leave FEMA camps. Advice: REFUSE TO “EVACUATE”
    In “shootout” how could one (dead) suspect have so many bullet wounds emergency care doc said unable to count number of gunshot wounds while other suspect escaped without a scratch?? Ya gotta ask yourself!

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