Boston Marathon Flags

In all my reading I have not heard anyone mention the FLAGS the pretty row of flags at the blast must be made out of “SUPERMAN’S CLOTHES as they don’t have a scratch.

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    1. Just listening to Mark Koernke now, he said on a primitive pipe bomb you don’t look far away from detonation for damage.Feet or tens of feet is what he said.

    2. A blast of “frag” CAN be focused is a specific direction. The same principle is applied in a claymore antipersonnel mine and more expedient style charges called “grape shots”. Shape charges are also focused blast charges used for certain types of steel cutting and larger efforts. Flex linear is quite popular for this along with large charges that use what’s called the Misnay–Schardin effect.

      Wikipedia: The Misnay–Schardin effect, or platter effect, is a characteristic of the detonation of a broad sheet of explosive. The explosive blast expands directly away from (perpendicular to) the surface of an explosive. Unlike the blast from a rounded explosive charge, which expands in all directions, the blast produced by an explosive sheet expands primarily perpendicular to its plane, in both directions. If one side is backed by a heavy or fixed object, however, the majority of the blast (that is, most of the rapidly expanding gas and its kinetic energy) will be sent in the direction away from it.

      I was a demolitions engineer in the Marines… Used to make’em all the time…

  1. First off I’d like to say that I fully believe the boston bombing was a psy-op/false flag attack that was perpetrated by the powers that be. I am fully awake and aware and have been for years. I dedicate a lot of my time investigating and exposing these things, just like so many of us out there, and to those out there I thank you all for doing thankless work which often gets us ostracized and ridiculed. My thoughts on these pictures are pretty simple, I don’t believe they have very much value in the way of being evidence of anything. From my understanding, the bombs that were used were quite primitive, allowing only a small blast radius, and were more of a type where the blast would blow out wide, and low to the ground. I am far from a bomb expert, so don’t quote me here, but that would explain why the majority of “injuries” were to the legs and lower portions of the “victims”. I don’t think the flags would have really been affected by the explosions. As for the matter of glass blowing out, rather than in, I’m not able to see the glass in the pictures that people are referring to, so I have no opinion on that. Maybe someone could point it out for me? I’d appreciate that, thank you.

    1. David ,Have you seen the BIG ASSED BANNER at GROUND level next to the bloody woman that wasnt scratched???????????

    2. David-Wonder what you think here. Henry jarred my mind today to think of this in a different perspective. I believe the media hyped the bomb as a simple device easily made by the terrorist down the block. In fact Craft employees are seen fleeing- one without a pack.There is evidence of this blown pack on this web site.Therefore the bombs were whatever they dialed their signature in for and were produced by gov.
      The reason they say pressure cooker is now they can blame anybody. Kinda like “climate change”
      Thanks for your service to your country-no not war-your research and caring.

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