Mass. couple: Officer bringing milk during lockdown ‘meant the world’

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Everything’s cool cause they GOT MILK, don’t these people just make you sick?

NBC Today

When Kevin and McKenzie Wells posted the photo on Facebook, they simply meant to say thanks for a kind act.

But when they uploaded the picture, of a local police officer’s thoughtful act in the midst of the manhunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, it went viral.

Kevin Wells snapped and shared the shot, of Officer John Bradley of the Brookline, Mass. police department delivering two gallons of milk on Friday for the couple’s 17-month-old son.

Thanks to a tweet from the official account of the Boston Police Department, the photo had been shared more than 60,000 times on Facebook by Sunday.

The couple had run out of milk for their son, Holden, while their neighborhood was on lockdown during Friday’s manhunt. Shortly after noon, McKenzie Wells’ mother, Trish Sommers, walked down the block to take a chance at asking an officer if he could help, and he more than obliged.

“It just meant the world that he literally went out and got two gallons of milk,’’ McKenzie Wells told “We wanted to pay him but he wouldn’t take money from us. He was just so generous.’’

They initially pulled the picture off Facebook because they didn’t want Bradley to be upset.

“The fact that it went as viral as it did was kind of crazy,” Wells said. “We kind of thought we were going to get in trouble at first, so we pulled it off. We just didn’t want to upset the officer, but we didn’t think it would be everywhere.”

Bradley declined comment through a department spokesperson.

“He was just happy to be able to help,’’ Brookline Police Department spokesperson Lt. Phil Harrington wrote in an email. “He does not want to take credit from the many officers who were there doing their job.”

The family’s home is situated between where the initial gun battle between police and Tsarnaev occurred and where he was later captured after another gun battle while hiding inside a boat.

“It was just nerve-wracking,’’ McKenzie said. “Being locked in your house is something you’ll never think you’ll experience.”

Sommers, who was visiting from her home in Colorado, walked to the end of the block to talk to police about getting milk because they didn’t know how long the neighborhood would be locked down. Tsarnaev was captured about four blocks from the Wells’ home, and were there to celebrate with other locals who cheered police when Tsarnaev was taken alive.

“It was just awesome to see everyone out with their kids and families,’’ Wells said. “It was a scary time, but everyone was united. The fact that we could shut down the city, and they could capture the guy and make everyone feel safe while helping those recovering was amazing to see.”

14 thoughts on “Mass. couple: Officer bringing milk during lockdown ‘meant the world’

      1. Wow! I’m glad I’m not the only one who just puked a gasket.

        What do you expect from NBC news? Trying to make the sheeple believe that the government is so nice and humane during Martial law and that Martial law is a good thing. Funny how they don’t interview all of those people who were forced out of their houses at gun point by 5 or 6 paramilitary/SWAT troops or else they would be shot on site. I wonder why they don’t talk about the trauma and the suffering those innocent people had to endure for one stupid 19 year old kid.

        WHOOPS! I’m sorry. We are not supposed to talk about that. That’s “anti-government”. My bad.

        In any case, I’d like for someone to verify that this NBC story actually happened. Especially after it just happened to be taken off of Facebook to save this guy’s face. Yea right. Tell me another one.

        What a bunch of COMMUNIST SLAVES!! Make sure you recheck that milk they give you in the FEMA camps, as I’m sure it won’t be something that came from a cow.

  1. You know, with the amount of people puking after reading this story, I think we’ll need to call HAZMAT before the day is over. lol

  2. What a steaming crock of it.

    This BS reminds me of the NYC cop who allegedly bought shoes for the homeless guy. I guess we can expect to see one BS act of kindness or another “go viral” whenever the tyrants decide to squeeze some more freedom out of the people.

    Maybe they think it will stop someone from shooting them.

    1. Yep, I remember that one, JR. I wonder if it was written or thought up by the same person. Notice how the evidence is erased from Facebook and no one can prove it actually happened. More staged crisis actors paid for by the government and portrayed by our loving MSM.

  3. Got a good LOL out of that headline. Still laughing…

    It’s heart warming to know when you’re under a friendly neighborhood lockdown you can count on your captors’ plentiful supply of warm and fuzzy.

    Plus, if you get out of line, daddy lockdown’s got you covered there too. Might not be fuzzy, but it’ll damn sure light your ass up.

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